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When parts of your car get out of whack, all you can do is bite the bullet. Car repair can get expensive, but it can feel even worse when you notice the mechanic servicing parts you've already had replaced. Some of the most expensive car parts to replace are the parts that need to be serviced year after year.

Check out our list of the car parts that need regular replacement to help prevent you from being caught off guard. 

1. The Battery

The car battery is one of the most expensive car repairs and one you're likely going to need a handful of times. You will know it's time to replace it once your car either won't start, your electricity fails, or a pale blue or white powder shows up on parts of your battery. And during warmer temperatures, a battery can start to discharge too. 

If you typically use your car for short trips, add a longer trip here and there. This will better replenish your battery and extend its lifecycle. Of course, avoid leaving your lights on overnight or for extended periods of time as well, as you'll find yourself replacing the battery more often than necessary.

2. The Clutch

Another one of the most expensive car parts to replace is the clutch. If you notice it slipping, struggling to change gears, or hear noise from the transmission when using it, it could be that time to replace it. Clutches can last fairly long but when used incorrectly, tend to perish quite rapidly.

Try not to use your clutch often to avoid these expensive car repairs. For example, when at a standstill, place your car in neutral and use the handbrake instead. You can also try to make your gear changes as smoothly and rapidly as possible to avoid wearing the clutch out.

3. The Front Brake Pads And Discs

If your car is taking longer to slow down when you apply the brakes, or if you're hearing squeaking and grinding while using the breaks, it's time to replace them. Another sign of needing to replace your brakes is the warning light going on or your car dragging to one side upon braking. Once you notice these signs, you should find out how much the parts cost and prepare to replace them. 

Try not to brake as harshly and they should last longer. You also want to avoid adding grooves or cracks along with the service of the brake disc. In the event you have to replace them, try to have both sides of the pads and discs replaced at the same time so they remain balanced. 

4. The Alternator

Once you see your dashboard or interior lights dimming or a flat battery, it's time to replace your alternator. There are many electrical factors that could affect the lifespan of your alternator, such as the air conditioner. Unfortunately, there isn't much that you can do besides replace your alternator by the manufacturer. 

5. The Water Pump

The water pump is one of the most expensive parts of the car but can be taken better care of by changing the coolant when recommended. If you notice fluid leaking around the water pump, your car failing to start, or your car overheating, it could be time to replace your water pump. This car part is normally replaced at the same time as the timing belt. 

Prepare To Replace The Most Expensive Car Parts

To truly avoid disappointment, prepare yourself to replace the most expensive car parts when they go bad. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more that could come up. Catch a good deal by shopping for car parts on our site today!


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