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Is it time to change up the wheels on your veteran racing car, but you are not sure what to pick? Do you go with Fifteen52 wheels, or do you like the idea of an SSR set? What characteristics do you want to bring to your car with new performance wheels?

You've come to the right place! We've got the scoop on five great tires to give your car a pick me up. Here is a list of five superb aftermarket wheels and rims!

1. Fifteen52 Tarmac

Fifteen52 is considered a modern classic. That is an impressive feat for a company that's only been around for ten years! Fifteen52 wheels are the preferred wheels of YouTube racer Ken Block.

The wheels that started Fifteen52's long relationship with racer Ken Block, the Tarmac, is an iconic design that speaks to the virtues of Fifteen52 wheels. They may not be trendy, but they are bold and durable. The Tarmac is available in seventeen and eighteen-inch wheels and comes in Silverstone Grey, Rally White, or Asphalt Black.

2. American Racing Torq Thrust

The Torq Thrust is a classic aftermarket wheel that is popular with classic and hot rod car owners. They have a classic vibe to them that meshes well with the classics, like a '60s Ford Mustang, or the late '50s Chevy Bel Air. There's a Torq Thrust to fit your tastes, as they come in a wide range of sizes and finishes.

3. OZ Racing Ultraleggera

Performance wheels developed specifically for racing, the Ultraleggera, comes in three variants. The Ultraleggera HLT CL, the Ultraleggera HLT, and the HyperGT HLT are all aluminum cast wheels that offer great performance and durability, while still being lightweight. The HyperGT HLT especially, as it was designed specifically for GT3 racing.

4. Enkei RP03

While the RP03 has a simple five-spoke design, it is created using an advanced manufacturing process and made from an aluminum alloy. The process used allows the wheels to hold up under the pressure and stress of racing. The blend of flow-forming technology and MAT (Most Advanced Production) techniques are what make these performance wheels perfect for the Formula One, Super GT Series, among others.

5. SSR GTV01

Another beautiful five-spoke wheel, the SSR GTV 01, is crafted from a single aluminum block. They're subjected to strict JWL quality testing, making for a highly durable aftermarket buy. You can get the SSR GTV 01 in either Glare Silver or Flat Black.

SSR makes wheels for both racing and commercial purposes. The racing variants, however, are guided by strict racing standards of manufacturing. Whether for racing or just going to the supermarket, you can rely on the quality of these wheels.

Crossing the Finish Line

Whether going with a classic Fifteen52 or an American Racing Torq Thrust, these wheels give you speed, precision, and all the durability you want in a racing wheel. Pick your favorite and upgrade your car to take advantage of these performance wheels without having to sacrifice beauty for the advantages.

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