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Buying a new car is a thrill, but making it your own by decking it out is even better. If you are purchasing a Volkswagen or looking to overhaul your current one, you are officially in the market to personalize your ride with Volkswagen parts and accessories. 

Whether you’d like to jazz it up with a new set of wheels or just want to neaten up the insides with all-weather floor mats, we’ve got you covered.

Let's take a closer look.

The Charm of An Authentic Volkswagen

If you’re not yet a proud owner of a Volkswagen (VW), you may be researching parts for future maintenance or expansion.

VW is a unique automotive brand that has thrilled drivers for decades with its simplistic and conservative designs. Their eye-catching models are reminiscent of a comfortable drive and boast the height of safety standards. 

Their old fashioned charm often masks the full potential of even the most dated Volkswagens. Typically, Volkswagen cars are outfitted with novel and highly-innovative technology.

Not to mention, there are plenty of authentic parts on the market that enable you to customize the vehicle exactly the way you like it.

Get Genuine Volkswagen Accessories

If you’re a Volkswagen owner with knowledge of automotive maintenance, you’re probably already leaning towards purchasing genuine Volkswagen parts, i.e. parts that are designed specifically to work with your vehicle. 

Please be aware: If you opt to use parts manufactured by other third parties, your warranty might not cover damages or defects that arise, so verify that the parts you're replacing are from an authorized dealer or manufacturer.

How Can I Upgrade My Car with Volkswagen Parts?

There are many ways you can upgrade and customize your car to suit your driving style, lifestyle, and personality.

Whether you are changing up something in the cabin for added comfort or sprucing up the exterior in a cosmetic way, there are plenty of ways to improve the look and performance of your car with the right parts.

Every Volkswagen model has a provision for larger wheels. Before you consider fitting bigger alloy wheels on your Volkswagen, consider specifications, such as the current outer tire diameter and the ground clearance wheel offset. 

If you’re after performance parts for your Volkswagen, UroTurning has the products to suit your needs. Volkswagen enables you to enhance the performance of your car using specialized performance parts.

Available parts include, for example, alloy rims, performance exhausts, and coil springs. Check with your dealer to understand the available performance parts specific to your model.

Update the Interior of Your Volkswagen

If you spend lots of time in your car, upgrading the interior can be an excellent way of enhancing your ride's comfort and overall quality.

You may choose to update your Volkswagen with new mats and liners. Some mats are proofed against all weather, making it easier to keep them clean and tidy when you drag in any dirt or mud. 

You may also consider upgrading your seats for a more luxurious appearance and novel texture. 

Upgrade Your Exhaust

Any passionate driver knows that sound is the first thing to connect you to the acceleration, therefore creating an even more exciting driving experience. The sporty VW GTI is a generation-old icon that promises fun, but it currently falls short on the exhaust.

IE engineers have balanced flow and harmonics to deliver an unrestricted exhaust. Enjoy an exciting release of engine sound without any rattling, drones, or cabin reverb. 

Upgrade Your Catted Downpipe

If you want to upgrade your VW MK5 or MK6 with an IE catted downpipe, you can count on additional horsepower, torque, and responsiveness. Its full potential is unlocked by matching it with a Stage 2 or K04 turbo upgrade ECU tune.

Upgrading these parts will reward you with a powerful exhaust growl whenever you touch the accelerator. At the same time, the cabin drone is minimized. 

Upgrade Under The Hood

If you love your Volkswagen enough to care what’s under the hood, you can upgrade some of the standard parts for a visual edge.

You can rid yourself of the ugly blue caps and stock oil caps and replace them with stylish fluid caps for your VW or Audi. With metallic trimming and blue and yellow iconography, these will set apart your engine bay.

Upgrade Your Wheels

Finally, nothing beats updating your wheels with a new polished steel or gloss silver model. You can significantly update your vehicle's look with a sleek new wheel and achieve that rally look you may have been dreaming of.

Where Can I Find Authentic Volkswagen Parts?

If you’re bored with your vehicle, looking to upgrade, or just want to customize your Volkswagen, you can get a good deal on Volkswagen parts and accessories.

UroTurning has a wide selection of Volkswagen parts, Mercedes parts, Audi parts, and much more. Browse our selection of downpipes for extra horsepower, intake manifold kits, and turbo inlet pipes, amongst so much more.

Browse our Cyber Week deals, or check our clearance products for great value Volkswagen parts and accessories. You’re bound to catch a good deal and find new ways to upgrade your car. Happy shopping!


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