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Do you have a Volkswagen that you're considering upgrading?

It's no secret that Volkswagen is the top-selling European car brand, and fortunately, you can get enormous amounts of added power and performance dialed into your VW.

Are you considering an upgrade for your Volkswagen? If so, keep reading to learn about the top VW performance parts to upgrade your ride.

What Are VW Performance Parts?

VW performance parts are aftermarket car parts that are designed to replace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These parts can help with better handling and a boost in performance in terms of speed and fuel management. 

If you are looking to make your car go faster or enhance handling, it's vital to upgrade specific components with performance parts to reach your goals.

1. Lowering Springs

Installing lowering springs is a great way to get better handling from your car's suspension. Lowering springs will give your car a great look but will also provide the following:

  • Reduces body roll when taking corners
  • Reduces weight transfer when braking hard
  • Drag is significantly decreased which increases acceleration
  • Improves traction
  • Reduces the risk of rolling over

If you are looking for better aerodynamics and handling, install some lowering springs.

2. Performance Intake Systems

Your car was built for a balance of comfort, performance, and efficiency. When it comes to your intake system, the components can be more restrictive in terms of air induction. 

If you are looking for more horsepower, it's best to upgrade your intake system. Installing a quality intake will help generate more power to the engine and open up some well-needed HP to get you moving down the road a lot faster.

3. Wheels and Tires

One of the most overlooked VW performance parts upgrades is simply getting new wheels and tires. Whether you're looking for better acceleration from a roll or from a dig, better traction is needed. Stock wheels aren't meant for speed, but rather for efficiency and longevity.

Performance tires provide better grip, and lighter wheels will help transmit more energy to the ground, which gives you faster acceleration.

4. Exhaust Upgrades

Exhaust upgrades can make air flow faster and ultimately provide you with increased high-end power in your car's engine. Your car was built to be quiet and to accelerate smoothly for comfort.

Your VW comes with a muffler, catalytic converter, and resonators to help control emissions and to keep your car quiet. This restricts airflow and therefore ultimately robs you of power. 

Installing a complete performance exhaust system will help you get the maximum power out of your car and also give it an aggressive sound.

5. Performance Chip Tuning

Your car's electronic control unit (ECU) is meant to control your car's emissions and fuel efficiency. The problem with this is that your stock ECU will regulate certain aspects of the engine of your vehicle, which won't allow it to reach its full potential. 

Performance chipping will remap your ECU using software, and end the constraints when it comes to performance gains.

Is Upgrading My Car Right for Me?

This a question only you can answer. There are pros and cons to upgrading, but there is a consensus in the Volkswagen car tuning community that VW performance parts are the way to go.

If you are looking to make your car go faster, gain better handling, and looking to free up hidden horsepower, consider putting these five tips into action with your VW.

Are you looking to upgrade your Volkswagen and need help choosing the parts that work best for your car? Contact us and we can help you choose the best parts for you.


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