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When people think of Mini Coopers they tend to conjure up images of Mini Coopers driving through the streets of Los Angeles and Venice.

Mini Coopers are highly iconic cars that are both nimble and fun to drive and bring an impressive amount of power to bear. But what if I told you that you could improve the performance of your Mini Cooper even more?

There are a variety of Mini Cooper performance parts that will take your driving experience to the next level. These aftermarket parts will boost engine performance as well as the way your Mini Cooper handles.

Continue reading to learn more about the seven best Mini performance parts for your Mini Cooper.

Cold Air Intake

Investing in a cold air intake is a great choice if you want to improve the performance of your Mini Cooper. A cold air intake works by getting more air into your engine.

The more air that is added to the combustion chamber of the engine, the more power the engine produces. Stock air intakes are restrictive when it comes to air influx to the engine, limiting your Mini Cooper's performance.

A cold air intake has the added benefit of giving your Mini Cooper a more sporty sound. It will make your Mini Cooper growl when on the throttle as well as sounds from the bypass valve as boost is let off.

Exhaust Upgrade

While cold air intakes work to increase the flow of air into the engine, your Mini Cooper's exhaust system works to allow better airflow out of the engine. An aftermarket exhaust combined with a cold air intake makes for the most airflow possible.

Without the improved airflow, your Mini Cooper will experience increased back pressure. This back pressure limits the amount of power that your engine produces. 

Another Mini Cooper performance part that you can invest in for improved performance is an exhaust downpipe. This part connects the turbocharger to the exhaust system. The downpipe improves airflow by providing wider diameter piping, a larger inlet and outlet to the catalytic converter, and a higher level of flow within the pipe.

A downpipe goes a long way in reducing any turbo lag that your Mini Cooper may experience, giving you the best performance possible.

ECU Upgrades

ECU software controls how your Mini Cooper's engine works and runs. Your engine has sensors throughout it that adjust your engine parameters based on the information the sensors provide.

The stock ECU is geared towards a balance between fuel economy, longevity of the engine, and performance. Getting an aftermarket ECU skews those sensors and your ECU towards performance. 

An aftermarket ECU allows your Mini Cooper to be optimized for performance by changing things like the ignition timing and boost pressure. ECU upgrades are a great option for increased performance whether your Mini Cooper has a lot of aftermarket modifications or it is completely stock.

Upgraded Wheels

Odds are your Mini Cooper already turns heads in its current state. One way to make your Mini Cooper stand out even more, is by upgrading its wheels. Wheels are one of the first things that people see when they look at a car.

Wheels add to the aesthetics of your Mini Cooper and can complete the overall look you want for your pride and joy. They are also great for increasing your Mini Cooper performance. 

Wheels that weigh less are easier to propel and spin, so your engine needs to use less effort to get your car performing at its peak. Choosing to get aftermarket wheels is a great way to increase ride quality as well.

Upgraded Suspension

Mini Coopers are world-famous for their iconic look, but their handling is not far behind. Famed for their go-kart-like handling, Mini Coopers are a joy to drive. With proper modifications, you can make your Mini Cooper's handling otherworldly. 

The ultimate goal when upgrading the suspension of your Mini Cooper is to increase the vehicle's ability to handle when cornering at high speeds. The stock suspension system of your Mini is designed to optimize safety, ride quality, and performance.

Upgrading your suspension puts the emphasis on performance and gives you the best handling possible. Mini Cooper performance parts are there to help you find the perfect level of handling for your Mini Cooper.

Rear anti-sway bars are a great upgrade for improving your handling too. They make turning at high speeds easier and more accurate. A stock Mini is designed to understeer and force the driver to slow down when turning, but rear anti-sway bars eliminate that.

Other great additions and modifications that you can invest in to improve performance when it comes to how your Mini Cooper handles are lowering springs, shocks, coilovers, and strut bars.

Brake Upgrades

Brake upgrades are a necessity if you decide to make your Mini Cooper more powerful and fast. Whether it is upgraded brake rotors or a big brake kit, it is important to be able to stop your Mini in a short distance.

Not only do upgraded brakes bring performance upgrades to your Mini, but they also make your brakes last longer and are more reliable. So, you'll save money by not needing replacements as often.

Brake rotors come in a variety of options. There are some that are drilled and some that are slotted, as well as rotors that are both. The purpose of the slots and drill holes is to improve the cooling of your brakes under high stress. 

Big brake kits are the ultimate upgrade if you're wanting to increase your Mini Cooper's performance. They give your car bigger brake calipers, brake pads, and thicker rotors. These aftermarket parts work together to shorten stopping distance, reduce brake fade, and give you more feel when braking.

Bigger Turbocharger

While your Mini Cooper may already have a turbocharger, there is no reason why you can't upgrade it with an even bigger turbocharger. Upgrading the turbo will improve performance by increasing horsepower while giving stronger acceleration.

Upgrading your turbocharger is not nearly as daunting as it sounds. Because your Mini Cooper already has a turbo, it is no more complicated than any other bolt-on part installation. 

Upgrading the turbo on your Mini Cooper is a great way to get the most out of its engine performance, while still giving you peace of mind over your engine's long-term health and performance.

Are You Ready to Get Your Mini Cooper Performance Parts?

Now is the perfect time to get Mini Cooper performance parts for your favorite vehicle. Whether you want to improve the handling, increase the power, or even improve the aesthetics of it, there are aftermarket parts for you.

Click here to check out the best Mini Cooper performance parts that are available for your Mini Cooper. 


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