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UroTuning is proud to announce a new brand available! Pure Turbos is now available online with a huge variety of upgrade choices for most BMW and Audi vehicles. Get your upgraded turbos now and get those numbers up on the dyno!


Pure Turbos originated from their interest in BMW petrol turbocharged cars.

A few years ago Pure Turbos started building their own F20 M135i from stock up to 550hp/775nm over several years and enjoyed it on sprint events taking down higher powered cars as they challenged the project car. The key into making a fast car is to make the power usable. It's no good to have big torque down low if you don't have the grip to use it.

Pure Turbos provides customers with tuning packages, upgraded turbos, intakes, downpipes, intercoolers, fuel upgrades and strive to provide valuable feedback and advice to their product end users. All projects are different and require a different approach. Shop for your next turbo from Pure Turbos at UroTuning with our wide selection of application variances.


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