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Alpine Volks Fair 2023

Reminder: Keep an eye on our YouTube for the full video!

Another year, another successful Alpine Volks Fair in the books! For those who aren’t familiar, UroTuning is proud to be the title sponsor of AVF — one of the most fun and unique euro-car focused events in the country! AVF offers a distinctive automotive experience that defies conventional car show expectations. AVF’s primary objective is to foster a laid-back and sociable weekend among like-minded VW/VAG enthusiasts. Throughout the event, a plethora of engaging activities like hiking and tubing accompany the car show itself. In essence, the AVF mission is to serve as the driving force that draws VAG enthusiasts to the captivating region of North Georgia. Above all, the essence of the event revolves around fostering a social gathering. Our primary aim is not to host a grandiose traditional car show but rather to create an atmosphere of camaraderie and connection.

The UroTuning team rolled in early throughout Wednesday and Thursday to help get things set up in the rainy German themed town of Helen, GA. Filled with fun driving roads and beatiful scenery, Helen is the perfect atmosphere for a Euro Car event, and has been something enthusiasts look forward to year after year. While the weather was a bit rainy, fans didn’t let that stop them from getting out there and enjoying the plethora of different meets and events!

AVF is unlike your typical car show where a vast array of vehicles occupy a single sprawling exhibition area. That's the most striking distinction. Instead, the event unfolds as a series of "micro-events" and meets taking place throughout the entire extended weekend, saturating the area with automotive enthusiasts. On Saturday afternoon, AVF hosts a special display affectionately called Mutts Nuts, showcasing a carefully curated selection of less than 100 cars chosen beforehand by our dedicated staff and meet organizers. In addition to the the main event, there are meets for every generation of VW Golf/GTI/R, SUV meets, Porsche meets, Audi specific meets, and more. The bottom line is: if you drive a VAG car, there is a meet for you at AVF!

UroTuning was proud to sponsor the first ever MK8 AVF meet, featuring our modified MK8 Golf R among other industry friends from Milltek, Unitronic, Auto Finesse, and more! The MK8, while initially polarizing among enthusiasts, has been a hit in the states, and we felt honored and excited to be able to host the first large MK8 gathering in the area. But this MK8 meet was only a small part of a much larger experience — including meets for every other generation of Golf as well.

As usual, AVF exceeded expectations, leaving attendees with cherished memories and forging connections that will endure long after the event concluded. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made AVF a resounding success. Until next year, when we come together once more, let's keep the passion for VAG cars burning bright, fueled by the spirit of AVF and the shared love for this remarkable Euro Car community.

Scroll down to check out some more photos from the event, and make sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel for an upcoming recap video!


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