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Apex Wheels for VW & Audi!

Are you a proud owner of a VW or Audi vehicle seeking to elevate its performance and aesthetics? Look no further than Apex Wheels available at UroTuning.com! Designed with precision engineering and innovative technology, Apex Wheels offer a perfect blend of lightweight construction, durability, and striking design. Known for performance wheels as well as racing wheels, Apex has a ton of great options for your Volkwagen or Audi daily driver or track beast!

In this blog post, we'll explore the exceptional fitments of Apex Wheels for VW and Audi vehicles, providing you with insights into how these wheels can transform your driving experience.

The Flow Form Advantage

At UroTuning, we understand the importance of performance wheels that don't break the bank. That's why Apex Wheels utilize the cutting-edge flow forming technology, which offers the Flow Form Advantage. With flow forming, the mechanical properties and grain structure of the wheel barrel are optimized, resulting in enhanced strength and stiffness. This enables Apex Wheels to utilize less material, reducing weight without compromising durability. Enjoy the benefits of high-performance forged wheels without the premium price tag associated with forging. Due to their flow formed construction, Apex Race Wheels don't just look great, they save a ton of weight too!

Unmatched Fitments for VW and Audi

Apex Wheels offer an extensive range of fitments specifically tailored for VW and Audi vehicles. From popular models like the VW Golf, GTI, and Audi A3 to high-performance icons such as the VW Golf R and Audi S4 or RS3, you'll find the perfect wheel options to match your vehicle's specific requirements. UroTuning.com provides a user-friendly interface where you can easily navigate through the available fitments and select the ideal Apex Wheels for your VW or Audi. Our tema is also happy to discuss fitment options with to make sure your stance is exactly what you;re looking for, right down to the tire size you'll need!

Superior Engineering for Unrivaled Performance

Apex Wheels are meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional performance on the road or the track. With features like thinner spokes and extra-deep side-milling, these wheels offer unrivaled weight reduction while maintaining the utmost structural integrity. The reinforced inner lip ensures increased durability to withstand the demands of spirited driving. Moreover, Apex Wheels come with generous brake clearance, allowing seamless compatibility with high-performance braking systems for enhanced stopping power. If you're concerned about your big brake kit fitting with your new Aoex wheels, don't fret, just hit us up and we can help!

Lifetime Structural Warranty and Hassle-Free Exchanges

Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities. That's why Apex Wheels from UroTuning.com come with a lifetime structural warranty, guaranteeing their quality and reliability. The Apex warranty program offers fast, easy, and hassle-free exchanges, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with your wheel investment. We stand behind the craftsmanship of Apex Wheels and strive to provide an exceptional ownership experience.

Elevate the performance and style of your VW or Audi vehicle with Apex Wheels, available exclusively at UroTuning.com. With the Flow Form Advantage, unmatched fitments, and superior engineering, these wheels are designed to exceed your expectations. Also, check our collections of VW OEM parts and Audi OEM parts. Trust in the lifetime structural warranty and hassle-free exchanges that UroTuning offers, making your wheel upgrade journey seamless and rewarding. Click below and discover the perfect Apex Wheels to enhance your VW or Audi driving experience!


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