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Want to go fast in your Audi? You're going to need to increase horsepower! Horsepower is an important measurement if you are a racer or tuner head. It indicates the overall strength of your vehicle and translates into speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

An Audi engine with boosted horsepower has the potential to make your vehicle run smoother, faster, and function better over time – not to mention – it's awesome!

Are you looking for the latest trends in 2020 for boosting Audi horsepower? Read below!

Tuner Chip

High-performance tuner chips are devices that change or modify the functions of the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU). Some functions of the ECU are meant to make your engine run more efficiently, but they can also rob you of untapped horsepower. 

A tuner chip will modify these functions and reroute the information to suit your specific needs, whether it be cleaner emissions, power, or better torque.


Most Audi's come stock with exhaust manifolds under the hood. The problem with exhaust manifolds is they create backpressure, which lowers performance.

Replacing an exhaust manifold with Tube headers will eliminate backpressure and allow exhaust gases to flow more freely.

Gasses that flow more freely equals a boost in horsepower.


Aftermarket Exhaust systems are far less restrictive than what your vehicle is equipped with. Your engine needs to suck in air, create power, and drive those exhaust gasses out as soon as possible to make room for more air intake.

Stock exhaust systems will come with a catalytic converter, sound resonators, and a muffler. 

These components weren't designed to give you maximum power, but rather to be eco-friendly and compliant with noise regulations. An aftermarket exhaust system will put horsepower first while incorporating the other elements, such as cleaner emissions and sound control.

Beware of your state laws before modifying the exhaust system though. Some states do not allow such modifications.

Cold Air Intake

Boost horsepower by upgrading to a cold air intake. This Bolt-on modification compresses the air going into your engine, which allows for denser air to accumulate and combust more efficiently. 

Not only does a cold air intake compress air, but it also lowers the resistance and friction of regular airflow, which frees up even more horsepower.


High-performance, lightweight tires are a must if you want to gain maximum power. Although it doesn't boost horsepower in a tangible sense, it will free up horsepower that's hiding. 

Tires that aren't designed for performance will not give you good traction and will take seconds off of your quarter-mile time.

Investing in high-performance tires will ensure that you are using all the horsepower that you've gained with your other modifications.

Go for the Big Audi Horsepower Boost

All of the trends to boost your Audi horsepower that we've talked about will give you anywhere from a two to five percent horsepower increase. It may not seem like much, but on the track, it proves invaluable.

If you want to gain as much as 20-50 more horsepower to the rear wheels, consider investing in a turbocharger or supercharger if your Audi doesn't come with one. These devices are mechanically-driven, which forces pressurized air into the engine and speeds up combustion, which gives you more power.

Superchargers and Turbochargers require a lot of fine-tuning and preparation and can be quite challenging to install, but will give you the horsepower gain that you are looking for.

Do you need help finding the right mods for your car? Contact us, and we'll help you out.


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