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More than 9,000 Audi problems have been reported for models built between 2001 and 2022. To avoid these problems, it’s essential to stick to the recommended service schedule. For example, you should perform minor services such as oil filter replacement, engine oil, and brake checks after 10,000 miles.

A big component of auto maintenance is your part repair and replacement. But, parts can be expensive, so it's essential to get the right parts from the right brand. Here’s what you should know about aftermarket and OEM Audi parts so you can get the right parts for your car.

Aftermarket Audi Parts

If you’re looking for a cost-effective car part for your Audi, aftermarket parts are usually the cheapest option. However, you need to ensure that you source parts that won’t void your car's warranty. Regardless, by shopping for high-quality parts and working with a good mechanic, you’ll avoid many issues down the road.

Should You Consider Aftermarket Parts?

Most aftermarket parts have a bad rap for not meeting the standards of luxury manufacturers like Audi. Still, they are an excellent option for a driver who doesn’t want to wait or pay for special-ordered parts. 


Aftermarket parts are less costly compared to the OEM parts. The aftermarket options are consistently cheaper, but the amount you’ll likely save will depend on your choice of brand.

They also have a wider variety of parts because there are plenty of companies specializing in aftermarket parts. Competition between companies means that you have a wider selection and range of prices.


To keep the costs down, some aftermarket parts are sold without a warranty. Some parts might also void your existing warranty on your vehicle.

OEM Audi Parts

If you’re searching for genuine Audi car parts, consider using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. You can trust that the parts will keep your vehicle running like new because they are an exact replica of the worn-out or damaged part you're replacing.

Should You Consider OEM Parts?

One of the things that stand out when using OEM parts is that they guarantee the longevity of an Audi car. Here are more reasons why it may or may not be a great investment.


Every part is made by the same manufacturer, in this case, Audi. You are sure to get quality parts, because you don’t have to worry about assessing the quality and pricing of different brands. OEM parts work exactly like the ones you plan on replacing. So, you’re sure that you’ll receive excellent performance.

In addition, the parts have warranties. Audi OEM parts come with a warranty and, in case of any performance issue, you’ll receive a replacement with no problem.


They are costlier compared to aftermarket parts. You may even spend 60% more when it comes to bodywork.

Are OEM or Aftermarket Audi Car Parts Worth It?

You should know that OEM Audi parts are created equal, and this isn’t always the case with aftermarket parts. However, if you know brands that can offer you high-quality replacement parts or you no longer care about the warranty, consider purchasing aftermarket parts.

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