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The new Volkswagen Arteon made quite the wave stateside upon its release, adding an exciting new sedan to the Volkswagen lineup. After years of Jetta and Golf options, VW has revamped interest with a new sedan that is fun to drive, and looks more aggressive than previous four door Volkswagen offerings. Even if the Arteon is a joy to drive, this has never stopped enthusiasts from wanting a bit more; stiffer suspension, better amenities, and of course... more power. For example, the Volkswagen Golf is a great platform, but there's a reason the GTI and Golf R variants are so much more popular among serious enthusiasts and weekend hobbyists alike, and as you would expect, it boils down to a few key characteristics: driving experience, performance, and aesthetics.

While there is no concrete answer to whether or not Volkswagen will officially release an R variant of its new Arteon platform, the rumors have been flying. Some of the only info we have so far on the subject of a potential Arteon R comes from Volkswagen's manager of product and technology communications, Mark Gilles, who has been quoted in a Car Buzz interview stating "Volkswagen has been toying with the idea of bringing an Arteon R to the European market."

To any of our American readers, sorry to burst your bubble. It seems that as of right now, this theoretical Arteon R, if it were ever to be released, may only be for the European market. Why do they get to have all the fun?

While the idea that the new Arteon R might not be making its stateside debut anytime soon is a bit heartbreaking, it's still fun to toy with the idea of what may be in store for the future of Volkswagen. Allegedly, the reason Volkswagen is tentative about bringing the Arteon R to the states mainly has to do with the vehicle's price. With the base Arteon SE FWD commanding a starting price of $36,000 and change, and the top of the line Platinum R-Line going for no less than $47,000 or so, it's likely that an Arteon R in the USA would be pushing a price tag well over $50,000. Volkswagen has had trouble in the past selling $50,000+ vehicles in America, and with the Arteon being a new offering in North America, VW may want to wait it out and see how popular the Arteon really is before confirming an R option.

If there ever were an Arteon R, the obvious question on everyone's mind is where would its power come from? The current Arteon 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder is already pushing 268 horsepower, not far away from the 288 horsepower offered from the 2.0 liter Golf R. The most likely options so far seem to be between the rumored new VR6 motor (which would be awesome), or a 2.5 liter inline 5 a la Audi RS3. Any of these options sound fantastic, and we are particularly intrigued by the idea of a new VR6 motor. But as much as we'd like to see a bagged Arteon R sitting in the UroTuning parking lot, it looks like all we can do for now is hope.


  • Posted On March 17, 2020 by Sean

    Hey Nathan,
    Great article. I am on the fence between buying a 2020 GLI or a 2021 GLI. What have you heard about a release date for the 2021 GLI or if there might even be a 2021 Jetta R?

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