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GIAC is renowned in the performance industry for creating software packages that make the most of any vehicle, and we are excited to announce that we now offer BMW tunes from GIAC for a wide range of models right here in-house at our facility in Tampa, Florida! GIAC puts the time in on the dyno during testing , monitoring performance, drivability, and tons of other parameters to insure that your car performs at its best.

All performance programs from GIAC can be tuned optimized and calibrated for all driving conditions. Using the GIAC four wheel dyno, design and testing includes emulators, scopes, serial diagnostic tools, and air fuel meters, simulating a wide range of driving conditions such as hills, quarter mile, and all out power pulls.

When you come to UroTuning to install your GIAC tune on your BMW, all of the hard work put in from the GIAC testing facility will be transferred straight to your driving experience!

If you have a BMW you'd like to get tuned by GIAC, feel free to stop by UroTUning and we can tune your car while you wait! Get the most of your BMW and click below to explore GIAC tuning options for your vehicle.


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