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We have something to expect in the upcoming Munich Auto Show, which will be held in September. BMW is pushing the boundaries through a brand-new limited product.

The vehicle was already previewed in 2019 with the I Hydrogen Next Concept. Now, it’s approaching the prototype stage and confirmed to be launching with the name BMW iX5.

BMW iX5: What to Expect

As expected from the preview, the vehicle will use hydrogen electricity. It works similarly to other electric cars, but it has a distinctive mechanism: instead of drawing electricity straight from the battery cells, it draws the energy from the hydrogen fuel stack.

This cell is situated on the front, and it draws energy from the two tanks located on the transmission tunnel and below the rear seats. Materials from carbon-fiber plastic are used to create these tanks. They can hold up to the maximum of 13 pounds of hydrogen and can be charged fully within minutes.

The price of the BMW iX5 will start at $84,195, and it could be higher, depending on the additional options BMW offers. For now, we'll have to wait for further information in September.

How Does the Fuel Cell and Motor Work?

The cell works by combining hydrogen and oxygen taken from the air to create electricity. Its main function is to give enough power to the single main motor at the rear and charge a smaller battery pack that supports the motor at higher speeds. The total system output is around 368 hp, with the cell’s capability to generate 167 hp.

The BMW iX5 introduces a new structure consisting of aluminum and carbon-fiber materials, with electric motors specifically built by BMW and the most advanced system ever put in a car by BMW. BMW stated that they've built the iX5 with a focus on sustainability.

BMW has a long history in electric cars production. But, they promised that iX5 would introduce a brand new generation and platform to build upon in the future.

The basis construction found in BMW iX5 is quite similar to other EVs. It packages the batteries and neatly puts them underneath the floor.

BMW specifically designs the motors on the front and rear to boast 516 hp with 564 lb-ft of torque. This specification allows the iX5 to zoom to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. A fully-charged battery can provide up to 300 miles, and it only takes about 40 minutes to charge it from ten to eighty percent with a 200 Kw EV DC fast charger.

There is even potential to boost those stats with the use of aftermarket BMW parts. Despite the promising potential, BMW is planning to launch hydrogen-electric cars around 2025. The current small batch of iX5s is specifically for testing and demonstration purposes only. 

The BMW iX5 is the Future

The current, brand-new BMW iX5 indeed comes with a lot of features to look into. It provides a newer platform, new styling language, new technology innovation, and many other cutting-edge features. However, since it is still in the experimental phase, it will likely be a few years before you see one on the road!

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