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If you're looking for car parts online, the sheer selection of suppliers can overwhelm you. How do you narrow it down to the reputable ones who will provide quality parts that fit your vehicle?

Actually, finding Audi parts may not be as challenging as it seems. With a few helpful tips, you can select the best retailer and make a good choice about where to spend your money online.

Here are the best ways to choose where to shop.

OEM or Aftermarket Parts

One of the biggest questions when you're looking for auto parts is whether to get OEM parts. Purists will always say if you're stuck between OEM vs aftermarket, OEM should win every time. It's how you protect your investment and make sure that you're using high-quality products.

On the other hand, aftermarket parts are cheaper. Some people insist that they're just as good, although that depends on the car and the brand (and the aftermarket manufacturer). When you get an OEM part, you're getting it straight from the vehicle manufacturer, so it's more likely to be the same quality as your vehicle and more likely to fit well, however oftentimes is way more expensive.

Get Audi Parts from the Right Supplier

Before you buy Audi parts from the cheapest place on the internet, take some time to do your research. Are you buying from a reputable company? It can be hard to tell which ones are bogus and which ones are legitimate suppliers.

Look at their FAQ pages and info pages. You can learn a lot about a company based on their website and the detail they provide. Choosing a supplier with a good reputation and brand awareness can go a long way to avoiding scams and getting the best parts for your vehicle.

Be Sure It's Compatible

Don't buy any parts unless you're sure they're compatible with your car system. Whether you're a novice who gives your Audi a periodic tuneup and detail or you're an expert in repairing the particular model of your vehicle, it's still a good idea to confirm all the details.

The nuances of selecting parts can become tiring, but don't just select any part that you think may fit. Instead, take the extra few minutes to clarify what you're getting and confirm that it will work with your vehicle.

Know the Rules

Be sure you read up on the return policies and the warranty rules for the company you're buying from online. You don't want to get a part in hand and then need to ship it back and find out you're unable to. When you understand the policies ahead of time, you can avoid any misunderstandings.

While some companies may work with you even when you're outside the warranty period, most likely you're out of luck. Be sure to document everything, from dates and tracking numbers to photos of problems or shipping damages. When you can provide evidence, it helps your case.

A Great Shopping Experience

Looking for the right Audi parts doesn't have to be a big challenge. Follow the guide above to help you make decisions about which suppliers can help with your home Audi project.

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