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Big Savings on HPA Downpipes, Testpipes, & Cat-back Exhausts!


Have you been in the market for a new downpipe, testpipe, or exhaust for your VW or Audi, but were holding out for a great deal to come along? Wait no longer! HPA has just announced sale prices for a wide range of performance parts for select Volkswagen and Audi models including MK5, MK6, MQB, B8/8.5, and C7 vehicles! This sale comes to a close on September 13th so scoop up an awesome HPA Motorsport upgrade for a steal before time runs out!


Each HPA downpipe application is designed around emissions compliance requirements, thermal radiation/contact surface clearances and engine ecu software framework. HPA performance downpipes help to increase flow and reduce heat at the mounting surface of the turbocharger to the aluminum head. Heat is the enemy of HP and even your stock mapping will benefit form a more fluid design of exhaust gas discharge.

The average OEM downpipe diameter coupled with a restrictive catalytic converter and varying angles won't allow for ideal flow specifications and results in higher back pressure at the turbo forcing it to work harder and generate excessive heat.

HPA performance downpipes are designed around functionality and durability and are proudly manufactured in Canada! .063wall T304L stainless mandrel tubing is precision tig welded and Argon back purged for an ultra clean look on the exterior and a perfect clean weld on the interior.



HPA Motorsport Sale Products Include

HPA Motorsports Downpipe - MQB Mk7 | 8V | 8S | (AWD)



HPA Motorsports Downpipe W/ Cat - MQB Mk7 | 8V | (FWD)



HPA Motorsports Downpipe - Mk5 | Mk6 | 8P | (AWD)



HPA Motorsports Downpipe - Mk5 | Mk6 | 8P | (FWD)




HPA Motorsports High-Flow Test Pipe - B8 | B8.5 | A4 | A5 | Allroad | 2.0T



HPA C7 S6/S7 Downpipes



HPA Motorsports 3" Cat-Back Exhaust - Mk6 | GTI


HPA Motorsports 3" Cat-Back Exhaust - Mk7 | GTI



HPA Motorsports MK7.5 GTI Cat-Back Exhaust System




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