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Have you been looking for the perfect tuning option for your Audi B9 A4 or A5 2.0T? Integrated Engineering finally has the solution! Integrated Engineering offers both Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuning software for your B9 Audi with huge power increases over stock, and can be flashed to your ECU right at home using the IE POWERlink Direct-port Flash Tool with Windows 7+ powered laptop!

Your ECU comes from the Audi factory loaded with low-performance maps to control the operating conditions of your Audi 2.0T engine. The factory calibration is designed to function with stock installed hardware, meet new car regulated standards, and is designed to not compete with higher performance models. Stock ECU tunes and calibrations prioritize fuel economy and regulations rather than power and performance.

Integrated Engineering's motorsport recalibration brings your engine to life by unleashing its full performance potential on stock hardware or to match your installed hardware upgrades while maintaining reliability and factory-like comfort. This is how your turbocharged Audi should have felt from the factory!


  • Maximize horsepower & torque gains
  • Easily and quickly tune your car at home
  • Retain factory reliability
  • Installs via IE POWERlink Tool
  • Upgrade tunes at any time with no fees
  • Easy octane switching 91, 93, & 104
  • Simple data logging
  • Return to stock anytime
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased rev limiter
  • Remove top speed limiter

The IE Stage 1 Audi B9 A4 or A5 TSI tune is the perfect option if youre looking to increase your Audi's horsepower without installing any additional hardware or aftermarket parts. It is also perfect for customers looking for a big jump in power to get the most out of your installed intake and intercooler. In a matter of minutes, your new ECU Tune will deliver a massive boost in performance. While a stage 1 tune does not require any extra upgrades, installing the Integrated Engineering cold air intake and intercooler systems will greatly increase the performance your tune is capable of providing!

Recommended Hardware Upgrades:
-IE Cold Air Intake
-IE Intercooler

While the stage 1 tune is meant to help increase power on stock turbo, stage 2 tunes from IE are meant to squeeze every last drop of power out of your stock engine and turbo system. If you're looking to fully maximize your vehicles performance while still running the factory turbo, stage 2 is the tune for you! The IE Stage 2 Upgrade fine-tunes the ECU to match installed aftermarket hardware allowing the turbocharger to breath free and improve power gains across the powerband. This is the maximum power available from a stock turbo car.

Required Hardware Upgrades:
-IE Performance Downpipe
-IE Cold Air Intake
-IE Intercooler

Stage 1 93 Octane

Stage 2 93 Octane


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