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mercedes baby g-class

If you live in a relatively populated area, chances are you’ve noticed how popular the iconic Mercedes G-Class or ‘G-Wagon’ has become. What started out as a somewhat rugged and off-road focused Mercedes truck has since shifted to become one of the ultimate vehicular status symbols, daily driven by those who have a passion for German engineering… but also want to flex a little. Now, it is rumored that Mercedes has a smaller ‘baby G-Class’ in the works, and while Mercedes has tinkered with the idea of a smaller G-Wagon before with the introduction of the GLB, the future model of the G-Series is rumored to be focused more on rugged off-road capabilities.

baby g-class

Possible Baby GClass concept. Photo: Motortrend

With so many new EV related models hitting the scene lately from our beloved German automakers, hardcore ICB enthusiasts will be relieved to hear that the new G Class is expected to be available in both EV and internal combustion variants, in addition to a new full size electric G-Class expected to be called the EQG.

Something that has us particularly excited, is Mercedes Benz hinting at the larger focus on off-road capabilities, with likely a dual motor in the EV version, and design cues harkening back to the original W463 model that started it all. Revisiting the traditional boxy shape of the original model would be a refreshing change, as the most recent G-Class has lost some of its edge, offering a more rounded-off design overall. 

mercedes g class conept

This vehicle is actually a concept Mercedes created for an idea of what a Mercedes police cruiser might look like in the year 2025. Coincidentally the baby G-Class is rumored to release in 2025.

Overall the modern G-Class has become more plush and luxurious, as well as more expensive. In contrast, the new Mercedes ‘Baby’ G-Class is expected to be a more affordable model, for those who like the idea of a rugged off-road capable Benz, that is a but easier to park, and a less obtrusive footprint. The Baby G-Class concept is expected in 2024, with a hopeful 2025 release date. Whatever ends up happening with the new baby G-Class, you can rest assured UroTuning will have all the OEM Maintenance and Performance parts you need for yours! 


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