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Just before the new year, Mini Cooper unveiled its fastest car yet. This 301 horsepower Mini tops out at 165 miles per hour. It's the fastest street-legal Mini Cooper ever.

There are only 3,000 of these cars going into production. But don't worry, you don't have to fight for one of these elusive cars to be able to enjoy the performance of a Mini Cooper. Instead, you can buy Mini Cooper performance upgrades for your car.

Try these performance upgrade ideas, and you'll have your very own impressive vehicle.

Roll on New Wheels

Upgrading your wheels is about both performance and looks, meaning more bang for your buck. Wheels are one of the first things people notice about a car, so replace your stick rims with a set that will make people stop and stare. 

Aftermarket wheels tend to be lighter and stronger than stock ones. This will reduce the overall weight of your car and make them sturdier for more aggressive driving. You can also consider making your wheels larger or wider to change the handling of your car.

Change Your Suspension

The suspension on your Mini Cooper is already impressive. It's famous for its go-kart style of handling. Few competitors can even come close to the remarkable performance Mini Cooper achieves off the line.

But you can make it even better and differentiate yourself and your car. NM Engineering is known for the best performance suspension parts for Minis. Drop your car about an inch, and you'll feel massive improvement as the suspension gets slightly stiffer.

Upgrade the Sway Bar

After you lower the car's center of gravity, you should upgrade the rear sway bar. This bar connects your rear axles so that you reduce body roll and lean. This is vital for increased stability when cornering at high speeds. 

Change the Exhaust

This upgrade is another two-for-one. You can improve both the car's performance and sound at the same time. With the right exhaust, you'll turn heads before you even go by with a nice deep throaty growl.

It can also give you a small boost in horsepower. A performance exhaust can channel the expelled air away from your engine more efficiently, which will allow your engine to function better.

When the air leaves your engine faster, there is less backpressure. This allows your engine to perform better without having the exhaust system back it up with low outflow. Look for a system that has a high flow catalytic converter, as this tends to be the most significant slow down in the system.

Try These Mini Cooper Performance Upgrades

If you're looking to boost the performance of your Mini Cooper, you need to replace the stock parts with Mini Cooper performance upgrades. Your car already handles like a pro in the turns; all you need to do is make calculated tweaks.

A new set of wheels and suspension will have you feeling solid and glued to every turn.

Upgrade your Mini Cooper today by browsing our extensive inventory of performance parts. 


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