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Did you know that in 2018 over 315,000 Mercedez Benz vehicles were sold in the USA alone?

Mercedez Benz is world-famous for its incredible level of engineering and high level of luxury.

If you are thinking about investing in a Mercedes Benz, perhaps you want to learn a little more about the company behind the brand.

Here is a little Mercedes Benz history and some surprising facts that you may not have known.

1. The Founder of Mercedez Benz Also Invented the Motorbike

In 1885, one of the part founders of Mercedez Benz, Daimler Gottlieb, created a vertical engine that looked very versatile. He then attached it to his wooden bicycle frame. 

This new contraption came to be known as the "Daimler Reitwagon" or "riding wagon". It is now considered the world's first true motorcycle.  

2. Mercedes Benz Introduced the Automobile to the World

Bertha Benz may not have been known as an automotive innovator at the time, but she had a critical influence on the industry. 

Karl Benz successfully patented his three-wheel petrol-powered vehicle in 1886. Without his knowledge, Bertha Benz, his wife, and business partner, then proceeded to take it for a 100-mile drive.

This introduced the first combustion engine automobile to the world.

3. Mercedes Benz Made One of the First Hybrid Vehicles

The concept of hybrid engines is very popular, however, it is not new. Car companies have considered the option for over 100 years. Mercedes Benz's "Mizte" model was one such hybrid model. 

Mercedez Benz created it in 1906. It actually had a gas engine which also supported dynamos in the two engines in the rear. At the time, its makers claimed that it had a top speed of 75 mph!

4. They Were One of the First to Put Brakes and Suspension on All Four Wheels

Mercedez Benz was always a safety-first vehicle engineering company. This is shown by their early adoption of what today is considered standard safety features. 

In 1924, Mercedez took the decision to ensure that brakes were being fitted to all 4 wheels of their vehicles. Then in 1931, with the introduction of the Mercedes Benz 170, they began to include suspension on all 4 wheels. 

5. Where Did the Famous Grey Color Come From?

Mercedez Benz is constantly featured at car festivals and shows around the world. However, have you ever wondered why their racing class vehicles are often painted in a specific shade of grey?

The reason for this goes back to 1934. When competing at a race in the Nürburgring, the Mercedes racecar should have been under 750 kg to race; however, it was apparently coming in at 1 kilogram above this. 

To gain one more kilogram, and meet the race requirements, the racing team manager decided to have the paint ground off the car. This revealed the silver interior color. They have stuck with it ever since.

6. Mercedez Benz First Featured Crumple Zones

We all know that good maintenance and replacing faulty parts is the key to a safe car. However, Mercedes wanted to go further to ensure the safety of their clients. In 1951, a Mercedes Benz engineer researched zones in the interior of the car that would deliberately deform upon impact.

These zones would direct the force that the car would receive during a crash. It was permanently implemented on Mercedes Benz cars in 1959.

7. AMG Started in a Garage

AMG tuning enhancements are famous to the world as a mark of quality and a sign that there is a little something special under the bonnet.

Two car tuning experts in the form of ex-Daimler-Benz motorsport engineers started AMG in the 1960s. After they consistently produced high powered Mercedez Benz editions and achieved high rankings in professional races, Mercedes Benz began to take notice. AMG officially became part of Mercedes Benz in 1990.

8. ABS Was First Added to an S-Class Mercedes

ABS or anti-lock braking systems are now a standard part of many vehicles. Their ability to avoid locking in an extreme situation has saved countless lives worldwide.

Mercedes Benz first experimented with this technology in conjunction with Bosch in the 1970s. This was then implemented with the release of the S-Class Mercedes in 1978. ABS has been a part of all Mercedes Benz cars ever since.

9. Mercedes Benz First Unveiled a Self-Driving Car in 1995

Did you know that Mercedez Benz developed a self-driving car back in the 1990s? They took a W140 S-Class and installed an autonomous driving system in it. The car, essentially packed with microprocessors, drove over 1000 miles on the Autobahn with little human intervention. 

Whilst this technology was not fully implemented in a wholesale fashion, elements of it were included in Mercedez Benz's current self-driving technology.

10. All CPO Cars are Certified by Mercedes Benz Technicians

CPO cars are used cars that come with a promise from Mercedes Benz. Whether sedans, SUVs, or coupes, they all come with a guarantee that qualified experts have worked on them and brought them to a standard that Mercedez Benz is proud of.

This means that even if you are purchasing a second hand Benz, if it holds this certificate, you can guarantee the quality of your product. 

Mercedes Benz History and Much More

Mercedez Benz has consistently innovated and introduced new concepts to the automobile world. This quick tour of the Mercedes Benz history has reminded us of a few of these facts.

If you are interested in benefitting personally from Mercedez Benz or other quality car building brands, we are here to help. We gather the most important information and provide it in the form of authoritative blogs for our readers.

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