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Nothing is worse than having a brand new car some out with a tweak on a platform and there is no aftermarket or suspension kits for it! One of the first. cosmetic modifications for cars are wheels and suspension. Don't be held up on your new MK8 Golf Showstopper. UroTuning has you covered with a fully customizable airride kit for your new MK8.

Air Lift / Accuair e-Level Full Package w/ Touchpad

The revolutionary e-Level system from AccuAir has completely redefined the digital air suspension industry. Never before has an air ride control system been so easy to use, beautifully made, or perform as flawlessly as the AccuAir e-Level system.


For the ultimate in form and function, the intuitive TouchPad is the top of the line interface option for the e-Level Controller. Hand held or mountable, the TouchPad gives full manual control over each air spring individually as well as front and rear air spring control in pairs. Saving and accessing your three preset heights is only a touch away and a yellow glowing ring around each button clearly indicates the current vehicle height. The All-Down button fully deflates the vehicle for parking. Every button offers a crisp, tactile feel and is backlit with crystal white LEDs for clear daytime and nighttime operation.


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