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When you think about car performance mods, you might envision turbocharged engines, custom exhausts, and other flashy or expensive changes. These kinds of car modifications can improve performance, but they can also come with high price tags and be hard to install.

You don't need to spend a whole paycheck to make your car drive better. These 5 performance mods are all affordable and relatively easy. You'd be surprised at how much of a difference a few dollars can make!


Tires can seem like boring, functional components of your vehicle, but quality tires can improve your car's handling and safety more than most other aftermarket performance car parts. 

If tires are essentially the shoes of your car, driving on cheap ones is like running around on a slippery tile floor in socks. A good set of all-season tires will boost your acceleration, handling, and braking. And if you live in a place with snow, winter tires can be a (literal) lifesaver on icy roads.

Cold Air Intake

Gas-powered cars rely on combustion to make energy. Combustion requires fuel, heat, and air. Cold air intakes push more air into your car's engine, creating more efficient combustion.

Adding an intake kit to your car will give you more horsepower and quicker acceleration. Unlike most performance-boosting aftermarket car mods, cold air intakes also reduce fuel consumption. If you know how to do the work yourself, you can install a cold air intake for under $500.

Brake Pads

Standard organic brake pads offer adequate performance for most drivers, but they won't hold up to prolonged sporty driving. If you enjoy driving like you're at the track, or just want to stop more quickly, you may want aftermarket brake pads.

Metallic and ceramic brake pads both provide shorter stopping times and improved durability over stock pads. You can find high-end performance brake pads for under $100 each.

Sway Bars

Also called anti-roll bars, sway bars stiffen your car's suspension so it doesn't lean as much during turns. This lowers the chance that your car will tip over while cornering. Sway bars make your car's handling feel more precise and sporty, even if you drive a pickup truck or SUV.

High Flow Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters filter toxic chemicals out of your car's exhaust. This is an important function, but unfortunately, many stock catalytic converters also throttle your engine's performance.

The root of the problem is restricted airflow. Installing a high flow catalytic converter can increase power by up to 15 horsepower. A basic high flow cat will set you back $100 or less.

Taking Car Performance to the Next Level

You drive your car every day; it's your home away from home. There's no reason to settle for a boring, slow, unsafe vehicle.

A few dollars can make a dramatic difference for your car's handling, power, and safety. Urotuning is a leader in the car performance modification market. Whether you're looking for BMW performance upgrades, new wheels, or anything else to take your European car to the next level, we have what you need.


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