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New 40th Anniversary Edition VW Jetta GLI

Can you believe the well-loved Volkswagen Jetta GLI is 40 years old already? My how the years have flown. When the car debuted back in 1984, it set a precedent for a fun sedan that appeals to both the enthusiast and the everyday commuter, offering a platform that was perfect for modifying, upgrading, or keeping as is. In celebration of 40 years of the GLI, VW has recently released the new special edition for the 2024 GLI model.

This new special edition is set to be available in three different color options: Pure White, Pure Gray, and Rising Blue. These color options will be accented nicely with blacked out details and trim, with wheels, mirrors door handles and front grille offering a nice contrast to the GLI’s sporty red accents.

While the outside is tasteful and relatively unassuming, the interior of the 40th Anniversary GLI offers a but more uniqueness. Cupholders adorned with the GLI logo and ‘1984’ will hold your coffee in place, with seats and sills that boast a subtle ‘GLI 40’ accent. The seats offer perhaps the most unique design element of all, with a sort of molecular style patterning, which VW claims to be slightly different for each 40th Anniversary GLI produced, offering owners that little bit of extra differentiation from the pack.

When it comes to the engine bay, not much has changed. Enthusiasts can expect to see the same 2.0L Turbo four cylinder found in the most current version of the Autobahn GLI, offering drivers 228HP and 258lb/ft of torque. In a nod to the original year of the GLI, models are limited to 1,984 units precisely, with a starting price of $29,235 later this summer.

What do you think? Will you line up to get your hands on a 40th AE GLI?


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