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There's nothing more exciting than new parts, and Integrated Engineering has just announced their brand new Catback Exhaust System for the Audi 8V RS3! IE's Ultra-Performance Catback System is a complete solution that offers the highest levels of power from any turbo setup and a Motorsport tuned sound that lets that 5 cylinder beast roar!

Creating a true Motorsport exhaust system requires a delicate balance of flow and harmonics.

Extensive engineering and testing has produced a truly unrestricted exhaust with an exhilarating symphony of engine sound without annoying rattles, drones, or reverb cabin noise. Your stereo system may be out of a job!

Most aftermarket catback systems for the RS3 are designed to mimic the factory twin pipe setup making it easy to connect to the downpipe. This was fine for factory or mildly tuned setups, however the split pipe system can not keep up with the flow demands of aggressively tuned engines and big turbo setups, causing power loss.

The IE catback center pipe is a massive 3.5" straight-through pipe that splits to dual 3" pipes out the back with the valves open. This is enough flow to power even the largest turbo setups. The IE Catbcak does'nt just outperform the competition, it looks better too. What's the point of a larger exhaust that looks stock?

Truly stand out from the crowd with a set of unique stylized exhaust tips. These custom shaped over-sized tips fill up the factory exhaust cut outs and update it with a look that belongs under a modern super car. Available in a brilliant polished finish or an optional satin black to match your black optics package.

The new 8V RS3 Catback system is also compatible with both stock and aftermarket downpipe options. Looking for Stage 2 or above? Everything you need to install your new IE Catback System to a new or existing IE Downpipe is included. Turn your exhaust into a full unrestricted turboback system. Installing your catback to your stock downpipe? We made the job easy, everything needed to simply bolt your 3.5" catback to the stock downpipe is included in the optional IE Y-Pipe Kit.

The built-in valve system is fully controlled by the factory drive select button just like stock without the need for finicky Bluetooth apps or cumbersome key fobs. Simply select comfort to drive around your suburb like a civilized neighbor -or select dynamic to blow their ears out with that 5 cylinder furry.

Dynamic setting opens the valves allowing exhaust flow from 3.5" to dual 3" pipes. This is highest flow and loudest sound possible from your exhaust.

Comfort mode closes the valves forcing the exhaust to flow from the single 3.5" center pipe into the muffler and out twin 2.5" pipes for a stock-like noise level.

Cutting edge engineering and craftsmanship have blended together at every step from design to manufacturing delivering the highest quality surface finish, fit and material brightness. The exhaust tips feature horizontal, vertical, and depth adjustments so you can perfect them exactly as you wish. Not only will your exhaust sound and perform amazing, it will look the part as well. Click below to order your from UroTUning today!


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