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If you're trying to improve your vehicle, you need to improve it little by little with quality maintenance. Learning as much as possible about caring for your VW will help you keep the costs under control. 

Volkswagen makes some of the best vehicles on the market, and you'll maximize the value when you handle their cars with care. Here are some of the top VW maintenance tips that you'll need.

Tips for Handling Your VW Maintenance

A Volkswagen owner should stay on top of their maintenance. Ongoing maintenance will keep your Volkswagen on the road and in the best condition. Proper Volkswagen maintenance means taking care of some of the most critical parts of the vehicle. 

Here are a few of the most critical VW maintenance steps that you should consider.

1. Handle Your Oil Changes on Schedule

Oil changes are vital for any vehicle. Whether you have a new or used VW vehicle, you'll be able to get better years and performance from it if you get regular oil changes. 

Take your vehicle to the dealership to figure out the best schedule for when you should get your oil changed. Your oil change schedule depends on the year and model of your car and how frequently you drive it. 

Car owners might typically expect to change their oil between about 3,000 and 10,000 miles. Your engine will have fresh fluid that isn't burnt out or leaking when you get the oil changed. Decide on the viscosity rating of the oil and choose the type that is ideal for your Volkswagen. 

When you get your oil changed you should also take the time to change the filter. Adding a fresh filter to the vehicle will help you keep the oil clean from contaminants so that it better serves your Volkswagen. 

Staying on top of your engine oil will help your Volkswagen get the best fuel economy and performance. Many car dealerships or repair shops will change your oil when you get your annual inspection.

2. Buy Fresh and New Tires for Your Volkswagen When You Need Them

Changing your Volkswagen tires on a regular basis will help you get the vehicle performance that you're looking for. Driving on old tires is not only inefficient for your vehicle, but it can also become dangerous. 

You'll be more likely to skid and have a difficult time coming to a complete stop with bad tires. Choose the correct size of tire for your vehicle so that it operates impeccably. 

Keep the tires properly inflated so that your car stays balanced and able to easily maneuver. Purchase a tire gauge so you know your tires are properly filled. There may also come a time that you patch up your tires as opposed to replacing them altogether. Either way, make sure they're properly inflated specific to your vehicle. 

There are several different kinds of wheels you can purchase that will help you, and when you add a wheel to your tire, it'll also run smoothly and give you the best fuel economy that you can get. 

3. Address Your Transmission Service Routinely

Take the time to take care of your transmission on a regular basis, whether you have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

Transmission service involves taking the transmission apart and getting it inspected so that it doesn't burn out. Handle your transmission fluid maintenance to make certain that your vehicle will keep running correctly. When you drain your transmission fluid and fill it with fresh new fluid your car will operate at its peak. 

Shop around for transmission repair price quotes and you'll keep this part in working condition for 10 years or more. Be sure to do business with a shop that has the best transmission parts for your particular Volkswagen model. 

4. Take Care of the Paint Job and the Cleanliness of the Automobile

If you're a Volkswagen owner, take the time to keep up with your vehicle's exterior. Wash and wax it on a regular basis so that the dirt and elements don't strip away the paint job.

You can also freshen up the vehicle with a new coat of paint if it's starting to fade or peel. A quality vehicle paint job will cost you about $1,000+. Choose a place that can either find you the original color of your vehicle or the custom color that you'd like to switch to.

Add a clear coat to the paint job so the vehicle is up to par and factory fresh. Rather than just washing it every now and then, take your Volkswagen to get detailed so that the exterior looks impeccable and the inside is cleaned and well-maintained.

5. Opt for a Roadside Assistance Plan to Help You Out

Take the time to invest in a roadside assistance plan that will keep your Volkswagen in great condition. With roadside assistance, you can get the car towed to a shop when you need it, battery jumps, locksmith services, and more. 

There are several dealerships and shops that will sell you a roadside assistance plan in addition to your insurance company. 

Follow a VW Maintenance Schedule That Will Accommodate Your Car

These VW maintenance tips will help you get the best from your vehicle in the long run. Take the time out to schedule whatever service work you need. 

If you need any Volkswagen parts, we are happy to help. You can find them here or you can reach out to us for sales and specials.


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