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An exciting collab just hit the UroTuning site! We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between P3 Gauges and Unitronic and its exclusive new V3 Multifunction gauges for a wide range of popular vehicles including Audi TTRS, A3, S3, RS3, MK7 Golf models, and more! This new unit provides a multitude of vehicle information including Boost Pressure, Air/Fuel ratio, Intake Air Temperature, Acceleration Timers and more while maintaining a simple and clean OEM look.

At the cutting-edge of technology P3 Gauges offer its users a multitude of readouts like: Boost, Coolant temperature, Air/Fuel ratio, Vehicle speed, Intake air temperature, Throttle angle, Ignition timing, Engine RPM, Exhaust gas temperature, Battery voltage, and much more!


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