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BMW has long been referred to as "The Ultimate Driving Machine."

Certainly, driving a BMW shows the world you have impeccable style and good sense, but what if you're not making the most of your powerful vehicle?

There are some BMW performance parts on the market that will upgrade your favorite ride to the next level.

How Can Performance Parts Enhance Your Vehicle?

Performance parts can be added to your car to improve its handling, horsepower, braking, and fuel economy.

Some may have the idea that these parts are only for race cars, but they can make a big difference in other vehicles too.

BMW Performance Parts to Set Your Car Apart

If you've invested money to own one of the world's greatest cars, you want to ensure you're getting the most bang for your hard-earned buck.

Here we'll tell you about 4 performance parts that will give you unparalleled power to complement the incredible style and comfort of your BMW.

#1 The BMW M Button

The BMW M Button is used as a helpful memory function. It will store your driving preferences and then recall them at the touch of a button.

The functions that make the most difference, from horsepower to aerodynamics control, are: the dynamic stability control, the electronic damper control, the digital motor electronics system, the M double-clutch transmission, and the Servotronic steering.

#2 The BMW 8-Speed Steptronic Sport Automatic Transmission

BMW EfficientDynamics gives us this 8-speed automatic transmission that comes with a steering wheel paddle shifter along with Launch Control.

This transmission is going to give your car better fuel efficiency, lower weight, and extra comfortable shifting.

It also includes performance-enhancing predictive drivetrain, auto-start and stop functionality, and a converter clutch.

#3 The BMW M Carbon Ceramic Brakes

BMW offers these ceramic brakes to give you more stability and versatility in your braking system.

The carbon compound ceramic is incredibly lightweight and durable. These brakes are perfect for all kinds of different weather conditions and can withstand extreme temperatures.

They are superior to conventional braking systems or M Compound Brakes.

#4 The BMW Water Injection System

BMW's water injection technology maximizes the performance of the car. It increases the torque and output of the engine while decreasing the thermal stress.

This system can effectively increase the efficiency of the combustion engine and gives it a longer lifespan.

Installing this system will give you a higher compression, quicker injection timing, and dramatically boost your fuel efficiency.

Things to Remember

When you're shopping for BMW performance parts, keep a few things in mind.

Look for parts like those listed above that will improve your torque, handling, and fuel efficiency.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you are seeking out only reputable vendors.

Make sure you're looking for aftermarket car parts that are designed specifically for your model to reap the greatest benefits for your car.

Final Thoughts

BMW performance parts can make a huge difference in your driving experience. Look for these European aftermarket parts and start getting the most out of your car.


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