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A lineup of fresh new shift knobs from Raceseng has just hit the UroTuning site! The two new shift knob models from Raceseng, consisting of the Stratose and Cylix models, offer an OEM plus style design with multiple color and leather options. Choose between red, blue, and black anodized metal, and perforated leather, regular smooth leather, and Alcantara suede options! Scroll down to learn more about these new shift knobs for your Volkswagen or Audi vehicle, and click to order yours today!

The new Raceseng Stratose gives you the experience of a weighted shift knob with the soft feel of Nappa Leather available in perforated and luxurious Alcantara configurations! Available in black matte, blue or red translucent with your choice of signature engraving options.

This shift knob is great if you're looking for an understated and elegant shift knob that will bring a little pop of color to your vehicle's interior.

The new Cylix Shift knob from Raceseng offers a similar subdued OEM plus style as the Stratose, but features an elongated handle shape, perfect for those who enjoy a bit more length from their shifter. This Cylix model is also available in multiple colors and can be ordered with regular smooth leather, perforated leather, and Alcantara


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