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Unitronic will soon be releasing its Carbon Fiber Intake System for the MQB Tiguan equipped with the 2.0 TSI Gen3B engine. This Carbon Fiber Intake System includes an all new Air Duct (available July 2021) with Unitronic's proven Airbox and a new MAF adapter which make this a direct bolt-on upgrade. This intake is designed to optimize airflow, improve throttle response and enhance turbo induction sounds. It also provides seamless integration, perfect fitment and an aggressive carbon fiber presence in the engine compartment.


Consistent with all of its performance products, Unitronic utilizes only the latest industry leading tools, equipment and computer aided design software that are packed with the latest technology from our technology partners at Creaform® and Stratasys®. These tools and technology help to achieve a design that not only optimizes airflow and speed, but also eliminates airflow restrictions that are present with the factory components, while fitting within the engine bay constraints.


Operations start with 3D scanning the 2.0 TSI Gen3B engine bay and OEM components with it’s in-house 3D scanner. Once 3D scan data has been collected and processed, Unitronic Hardware Engineers then interact with the 3D models to identify fitment constraints, mounting locations, other component locations, etc. to ensure the final product fits perfectly within the “envelope”. In the case of the MQB Tiguan, a new Air Duct was required in order to accommodate the engine's shallower position in the engine bay.


• 2/2 Twill prepreg carbon fiber weave

• Autoclave construction

• High-quality stainless steel hose clamps

• Direct bolt-on fitment with OEM Mounting Locations & EPDM mounting grommets

• Smooth airflow transitions

• Proven airflow gains



2018-2021 VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI Gen3B



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