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Since bursting onto the scene in 2009, Rotiform wheels have been one of the most sought after companies in the motorsports world.

What makes these performance wheels so unique comes down to a few different reasons. Although there isn’t a ton of information out there about the company itself, Rotiform has gained reputable support based on its variety and consistency.  

Based out of So-Cal, the aftermarket wheel company does follow the same 60/60 forged wheel process as the rest of the industry. However, they’re unlike other companies in that their forged pieces for all of their multi-piece wheels are assembled, machined and milled in the United States. From start to finish, every wheel stays under one California roof. 

Providing you with valuable and updated information behind your wheels is the name of the game!

The company’s wheel designs are unique and they continue to release a new line almost every year. Rotiform designs and creations don’t fall underneath the blanket of the "same old, same old". So where do these motorsports wheels separate themselves?

Rotiform Wheels Configuration

You can specify the profile, type of lip and a choice of exposed or hidden hardware when it comes to Rotiform wheels. 

There are thirteen different wheels when it comes to configurations:

  • 01 - flat, step lip, rear-load, and exposed hardware
  • 02 - flat, step lip, sandwich mount, and exposed hardware
  • 03 - concave, step lip, elevated spoke
  • 04 - concave, step lip, rear-load, and exposed hardware
  • 05 - concave, step lip, sandwich mount, and exposed hardware
  • 06 - concave, step lip, zero lip, exposed hardware
  • 07 - concave, reverse lip, and w/ legs
  • 08 - concave, reverse lip, and w/o legs
  • 09 - concave, mono2, and exposed hardware
  • 10 - concave, mono 2, and hidden hardware
  • 11 - concave and monolook
  • 12 - convex, step lip, rear-load, and hidden hardware
  • 13 - concave and monoblock

Multiple Forged Finishes

Rotiform has any finish you can imagine.

Standard finishes are a no-cost option that can be applied to the wheel’s center, outer lip or center cap in any combination. This creates a signature look that an owner can be proud of.

As far as specialty finishes, these usually come with an additional cost. These combinations can range from transparent and candy colors to others. 

There’s a gloss, satin or matte clear coating to cap off the customization. From black to silver, gold, brushed candy blue, and even single dark tint, the options are endless when it comes to Rotiform. 

Styles of Performance Wheel

When it comes to choosing your style of wheel, Rotiform doesn’t lag behind. As stated above, yearly designs are shelled out often. In 2020 alone, Rotiform released 40 different options for buyers in a variety of finishes and styles. 

The company also boasts a wide range of cast monoblock and custom forged 1/2/3-piece performance parts to choose from. 

When you’re looking to make a statement with your vehicle, odds are a design you’re looking for, backed by reliability, will reveal itself.

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