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The possibilties are truly endless when looking to upgrade your suspension! From Springs and Shock Kits to all out Air Ride setups. There are many different options but choosing the right one for your application can be a difficult decision to make. We will break down some of the pros and cons of each type of suspension upgrade available. The end goal is to help you choose what is going to work for what you are trying to achieve for your German car!


Spring Kits are upgraded performance springs that are used with your existing struts, or paired with appropriate new performance struts. Springs are considered the most basic upgrade as it retains most of the factory geometry of your suspension set, just with a performance added benefit like this H&R Spring kit for MK7's!

Some benefits include a more responsive rebound stiffness, handling support, lower ride height and simple installation!

The main con to a Spring kit is that there is no adjustability. Spring kits are direct suspension replacements with no height, rebound stiffness or dampening adjustment.

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Coilover suspension is a spring and strut combination that allows for adjusments to be made allowing a customized setup. Basic kits only have height adjustability with fixed dampening, while other kits like our UroTuning Edition Silvers Kits have 24 levels of dampening adjustment and more! These are full suspension replacement kits and sometimes also include swaybar links to compensate for the adjusted ride height from stock.

The main pro to a coilover suspension kit is adjustability! Being able to performance tune your suspension, and dial it in for your specific fitment.

The main con to a coilover setup is the time it takes to adjust the ride height. The process involves removing the wheel and making adjustments and in some cases removing the spring in order to adjust the ride height of your vehicle.


Many performance cars today have factory air suspension equiped on them. Why remove an air ride system that you can use to your benefit? These systems can be modified to adjust your ride height and even air out completely! Two ways of achieving this are with the TGK Dumpbox which plugs into your OEM air suspension management system and allows you to manually control an air out. The other way is with mechanically adjustable links which replace your factory height sensor arms. These can be set to whatever your desired height is and the computer will adjust accordingly like this SQ5 Kit!

The pros to these kits are cost effectivness, ease of use, and completely reversible!

The cons of these kits are that you are still limited to the extent the OEM system will make adjustments. For example you can only go as low as the factory shocks will allow, and in some cases there are other suspension geometry limitations.


If you are looking for the best of all possible options then a complete custom air ride system is the way to go. Air ride allows you to choose any ride height you desire at the push of a button and some kits even allow for auto-height adjustability on the fly! Full Kits include strut mounted front bags and rear bags with struts. To control the air supply to the air bags several other components are needed: a managment system like this AccuAir kit, air lines, air tank and a creative mind to lay it all out in your trunk!

The pros to air suspension kits are unlimited ride height options, being able to "air it out" when parked for the ultimate stance and allowing for more creativity with your installation!

Most of the cons are maintaining the system properly. Air ride systems need water drained from the air tank periodically, inspection of airlines for air leaks, and making sure your car battery is always charged!


With all of the above information in consideration, what are you going for with your build? Things to consider as you shop for your next upgrade are: What is my intended use of my car? What is available for my platform? What tools do I need? Can I do this myself or do I need a shop?

If you plan to attend track events, or more spirited driving; cup kits, springs or coilovers are going to be the most reliable choice in a performance factor for your application!

Want to go low, fit those wheels, tuck fenders or lay frame? A complete air suspension kit from Air Lift or AccuAir will be the award winner for you!

Many of these questions are overlooked when upgrading your suspension so it's important to prioritize these before you click the "Check Out" button!

Ready to make the upgrade? Checkout out coutless suspension options at UroTuning.com or contact our sales team for any questions you have!


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