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Save up to 15% on Unitronic Software and Parts!

The Summer Sales are still coming in hot here at UroTuning, with our latest exclusive sale on Unitronic parts and tunes saving you up to 15% on select products with free express shipping on software! Have you had your eye on a new tune from Unitronic all year? Now is the time to act!

Sale ends August 8th!

Unitronic Performance Software offers the highest horsepower gain per dollar spent by far! There is simply no tuning mod that will net you the performance increase that a Unitronic Tune will. When it comes to the best bang for your buck Unitronic is the only way to go.

Additionally, UniConnect+ gives you the ability to re-flash your ECU (Engine Control Unit) or TCU (Transmission Control Unit) right from home. Gone are the days of having to drive all the way to a performance shop to get your vehicle tuned! Unitronic also now offers tunes for the latest 2.5 TFSI Evo models including the RS3 and TTRS!


With extensive background in engineering the finest in Performance Software, Unitronic develops intake systems that maximize real world performance.This translates into a complete Cold Air Intake System that is sure to perform to the maximum, providing increased power, air velocity, and throttle response, while also decreasing air intake temperatures and turbo lag.

With a wide range of intake options including full carbon fiber models, Unitronic is sure to have the perfect performance air intake for your build!

Looking for something other than a tune? Unitronic also has you covered on a wide range of performance parts including pulley upgrade kits, exhausts, intercoolers, and more!

Unitronic is pleased to announce the release of its Stage 3 Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit for the 3.0TFSI* engines. Featuring an impressive increase to 493 HP/441 lb-ft of torque, Unitronic’s Stage 3 Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit includes its 187 mm Crank Pulley, 7PK1300 Belt, and most importantly, its Stage 3 Dual Pulley Performance Software calibration.

This can be purchased as a complete Kit for customers with no software and no pulley upgrades. Unitronic's Stage 3 Dual Pulley Performance Software calibration is engineered specifically to ensure maximum performance while maintaining complete OEM-like reliability and drivability.


All of Unitronic’s Performance Exhaust Systems feature a unique v-band fastener system, using T316 Stainless Steel flanges to ensure a leak proof connection every time. Unitronic’s mufflers feature a high density, high temperature glass fiber packing and are stamped with the Unitronic logo.

These features ensure maximum performance, while maintaining a comfortable and unobtrusive tone inside the cabin. Exiting at the rear, exhaust gasses pass through engraved tips with the Unitronic logo.

Unitronic's Intercooler Upgrade Kits are a direct OEM replacement with the ability to support 600HP and more! Featuring a massive bar and plate intercooler core made from T5052 aluminum, T6061 cast aluminum end tanks, proprietary internal fin and louver configuration, and a TIG welded construction.

Unitronic Intercooler upgrades are perfect for your dedicated track car build, or your daily driven street car! No matter the performance you're going for, Unitronic has the intercooler setup for you.


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