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P3 - Custom Gauge Solutions

When it comes to performance and aesthetics on the interior of your vehicle, aftermarket gauges are a make or break modification. Many aftermarket gauge options are cheaply made with "universal" fitment options and fasteners that don't look or perform like an OEM gauge would if it were part of the factory options. P3 has changed the aftermarket gauge solution game with a variety of gauge options that seamlessly integrate into your vehicles OEM interior trims, with clear displays and sleek designs that look like they were meant to be there all along! Whether you're looking for a simple boost gauge setup, or a multi-gauge with built in timers and custom programming, P3 has the gauge for you!

P3 Boost Gauge

  • Boost and Vacuum with integrated 35psi sensor.
  • Optional Auto-Dim or Manual Dimmer
  • User configurable for PSi or BAR units
  • Ultra-accurate Boost display
  • Peak recall
  • Quick-look battery voltage
  • One touch Vehicle sleep battery voltage check (ideal for people who store their cars and want to check battery health)
  • Works with any tune, any set up

P3 Multi-Gauge

  • Plug and Play install - just plug into your obd2 port and install into dash!
  • Reads and clears OBD2 Codes
  • OBD2 Data for Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp, Exhaust Gas Temp, Throttle Plate, Vehicle Speed, RPM, Shift-light, Battery voltage, 0-60 timer and more!
  • Peak Recall on all functions
  • Boost and Vacuum from OBD2 port
  • Optional 80psi analog boost sensor
  • Optional Auto-Dim or Manual Dimmer
  • 2 x universal 0-5v linear analog inputs
  • Includes digital display, custom OBD2 wire harness and control box
  • Adds Air/Fuel ratio through the OBD2 port
  • Adds 0-100/60-130/60-0/100-0 timers
  • Plugs directly into the OBD2 harness (no wiring required)
  • Allows gauge to read boost directly from intake/charge pipe


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