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This week’s parking lot feature here at UroTuning covers Tommy Truong’s absolutely killer bagged MK7 GTI. This car doesn’t just look great when its fully aired out posted up in the Florida sun, it acts the part when its rolling too. With an extensive list of upgrades for both aesthetics as well as performance, Tommy’s MK7 has got it going on inside and out. As you're about to find out, this MK7 has had a ton of blood, sweat, and tears put into it, and the end result is something undeniably easy on the eyes.

The exterior of this MK7 features just enough modification to be eye catching and clean, without going too far. To add a little flair to the MK7's lack of stock aero, a Maxton rear spoiler extension and Aerofabb front splitter give this GTI a more aggressive track-oriented look, without distracting from the smooth lines we all know and love on the Golf.

The VMR V810 18” wheels are another perfect choice for an OEM+ look. Their split spoke design is aggressive and elegant, perfectly accenting the vehicles absolutely insane fitment, thanks to Airlift Suspension paired with an Airlift 3P system.

The rear end of the car is accented by European LED taillights; a finishing touch that really ties the whole exterior together and makes you wonder “do MK7 tails always look that good?”


Moving to the vehicle’s interior, Tommy has fitted the car with a few more subtle creature comforts like a shift knob and shift boot both from Black Forest Industries, Spulen adjustable short shifter for super tight shifting, as well as a Cobb Accessport running a Sneekytune Protune.

However, the highlight of the vehicles interior is definitely the carbon fiber steering wheel. Carbon fiber looks awesome just abpout anywhere on a vehicle, and the subtle red accent adds a pop of color that really ties the whole cockpit together. OEM+ seems to be the theme for the interior of this MK7, with subtle and effective modifications that come together perfectly for a comfortable driver-oriented interior.

Now on to the bread and butter of this build, the performance parts. This car features a ton of upgrades both big and small including an APR catch can, CTS Turbo Back exhaust, CTS Turbo Inlet Pipe, and a CTS Turbo Cold Air Intake. But that's not all, in addition to the parts from APR and CTS Turbo, Tommy also fitted the MK7 with 42 Draft designs billet bushings, RS7 spark plugs, upgraded coil-packs, a Southbend stage 2 endurance clutch, StopTech front and rear rotors and EBC red stuff brake pads. But what we're most excited about on this build is its most recent upgrade, the IS38 Turbo Upgrade from FrankenTurbo/Shuenk.

When we asked Tommy why he decided to splurge on an IS38 he had an interesting answer: "Why I chose to go with the IS38+ was because of the opportunity that came up out of no where. I always told myself when I first got the car to keep the mods simple and cheap. That all went out the window when I started going to car meets and seeing other MK7s heavily modified. I always wanted to upgrade the stock turbo to a IS38 but I kept putting it off because of other mods I wanted, so when this opportunity came up I couldn't say no."

I think we can all understand where Tommy is coming from here. We've all got a new car and thought "Nah, I'll keep it stock, keep it simple..." then we start to research the possibilities, spend time on the forums, and go to local meets, and can't help but strive to build our dream car. But hey, thats why we do it, we love it!

FrankenTurbo's newest OEM+ Turbos are part of the new Shuenk line, offering Turbos that increase performance with minimal modification and ultimate ease of installation. The Shuenk IS38+ is a direct OEM replacement for Gen3 EA888 TSI Motors and can be installed into MK7 GTI/Audi A3 as a direct replacement for the IS20. Shuenk Turbos include the electronic valve and actuator already calibrated for use!

FrankenTurbo and Shuenk Turbos are designed using upgraded materials around a hybrid OEM form factor, incorporating more robust and performance oriented components than stock, making for an aftermarket turbo that performs flawlessly and installs without a hitch.

FrankenTurbo/Shuenk is not a re-manufacturer, and manufactures all of their own turbos and parts in-house.

In the end, Tommy's MK7 GTI is the poster child for what a bagged MK7 should be; clean, simple, low, and of course fast. This is a car built with scrutinizing attention to detail, and an eye for modification that is tasteful and performance-oriented. If youre interested in seeing additional photos from this build, click on the gallery below!


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