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Amid a worldwide pandemic, AccuAir closed its doors for good in April 2020. The nationwide shutdown made it nearly impossible for them to continue operating at the rate that they were accustomed to.

This has been devastating to the average car enthusiasts who rely on AccuAir suspension systems to keep their low-riding cars from scraping uneven roads or speed bumps. It can be difficult to part with high-quality products. 

Continue reading to learn what to expect for the future of air suspension.

What Is AccuAir Suspension?

AccuAir Control Systems suspension company was the leading aftermarket air suspension company in the industry before the shutdown. They are known for creating innovative, high-quality air suspension control technology. 

Air suspension technology came about as a means to modernize the original static suspension, using air springs in place of the original steel coil springs. 

An air management package, also known as an AMP, consists of a control system, valves, tanks and compression, plumbing, and wiring. The air management system allows manual control over adjustable ride heights.

With the click of a button, your car will adjust to the height needed for any type of road. No more avoiding potholes and dreading speedbumps.

In the AMP setup, you will have the air compressed and stored in a tank. When the driver presses a button on the control system, air releases from the tank and sends it to the valve manifold. From the manifold, the air is then dispersed to each air spring.

The interface allows the driver to interact with the AMP in order to change presets, perform manual adjustments, and adjust the settings.

Why Did AccuAir Shut Down?

The global pandemic seems to be a deciding factor in why AccuAir shut its doors for good. Investors made the ultimate decision to go bankrupt, leaving incomplete orders and outstanding payments to go through bankruptcy court to make matters right.

The Future of Air Suspension

While AccuAir no longer exists as a company, there is no need to worry. A global leader in the industry, Arnott, acquired AccuAir's assets through a private foreclosure sale. Your favorite products are coming back better than ever!

The relaunch planned for early 2021 will focus on bringing back the products that will be the most beneficial. In upcoming months, you might see an e-Level+ with a mobile app, Touchpad+, e+ height, and VU manifolds.

You may also see other items make a reappearance when they are improved and more reliable. The market for air suspension is expected to continue growing through 2025. Business Wire states that the market is forecasted to grow by $2.2 billion USD and by 6.8%.

AccuAir Is Coming Back

Feel free to contact us today with any questions you may have pertaining to AccuAir suspension systems and what this means for the future of air suspension.


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