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BMW is associated with innovative technologies, dynamics, and decades of motorsport experience. But, with the BMW M performance parts, the brand’s motorsport legacy has just gotten a boost.

These parts have successfully transferred BMW's racetrack know-how to the streets. They offer retrofit components for aerodynamics, drivetrain, cockpit, and chassis, all of which can transform any BMW into a sportier version of itself.

In light of that, here’s an overview of the key BMW M performance parts. These work wonders for merging the worlds of luxury and motorsports into one.

Let's dive in!

BMW M Performance Parts - What Can They Do for You?

If you’re looking to introduce motorsport excitement to your BMW, performance parts are the way to go. The entire range is inspired by motorsports, with top-class functionality and design.

Each product meets the high BMW standards: quality materials, sophisticated development, and production processes, all ensuring high performance.

All components are precisely tuned to meet the individual BMW model. The BMW M performance parts are available for many BMW and BMW M models.

Looking for a sound or performance-enhancing power kit to make a statement about your passion for motorsport? Look no further!

These performance parts also aren't just pretty to look at. The range presents a consistent weight reduction of more than 60kg. This, combined with improved aerodynamics, makes for a smoother and more agile driving experience.

The lower vehicle weight lends itself to further optimized driving dynamics, which applies both to the streets and the race track. This is achieved by using carbon fiber as the primary material throughout the range, which is extremely stable but much lighter compared to standard components.

Here are the parts that might pique your interest.


The BMW M Performance exhaust system provides top-quality manufacturing and adds an extra-sporty sound. Additionally, it helps reduce exhaust pressure, which improves driving properties and optimizes the engine characteristics.

Tailpipes are available in chrome, carbon, and titanium finishes. These achieve a high-tech look that elevates the appearance of your BMW’s rear.

Parts include a carbon fiber tailgate, which weighs five kilograms less than the standard part, and the available carbon fiber rear diffuser reduces the car’s weight by a further 0.5 kg.

Cockpit Parts for a Racetrack Feeling

You can achieve an authentic motorsport atmosphere inside your BMW. The cockpit is one of the most significant areas to enhance the look and feel of a car while driving.

Just add BMW M performance components to your cockpit. These include stainless-steel pedal covers, exclusive carbon elements, or an Alcantara steering wheel, which is decorated with carbon trims and race display.

Bring the Racing Line into Focus with the Chassis

An update to your chassis doesn’t just upgrade the sleek, contrasting appearance of your BMW. It also adjusts to your driving style perfectly. All BMW M components originate from motorsports ideas and meet the highest design and functionality standards.

This means they can elevate your driving whether you enjoy light-alloy wheels, shock absorbers, or brake systems.

M Performance Suspension

Optimizing your road holding is a great benefit, even if the driver isn’t interested in motor racing. The BMW M performance parts concept features the M Performance Suspension. This is already available as a retrofit set for serial production vehicles.

Due to the Coilover suspension, the car can be lowered by 20 millimeters.

The damping technology is independently adjustable. It can change to 12 different compression stages and 16 rebound stages.

These optimal properties give the suspension a more neutral driving response with much reduced rolling movement.

The springs of the M Performance suspension are black, same as the calipers of the 18-inch brakes. Additionally, a lighter BMW battery can achieve a further weight reduction of 14 kilograms.

A Makeover for Your BMW

You can add more considerable charisma to the exterior of your car. Options include the black radiator grid for the kidney grille, a diffuser insert for the rear apron, or carbon front splitters.

Or perhaps you could add handcrafted mirror caps and rear spoilers, which serve to optimize a sporty appearance and lean into the aerodynamic shapes.

BMW M parts are designed to improve the feel of your car down to the last detail, including the crucial matching case that exudes motorsport passion.

Made from black Alcantara with blue decorative stitching and an M Performance carbon-look application, this accessory completes the makeover.

Combine Luxury and Motorsports with These BMW M Performance Parts

BMW’s brand promises the marriage of form and function. For motorsport lovers, the lightweight components and aerodynamic shapes of the BMW M performance parts add a sporty flair both to the look and the driving experience of the car. 

Drivers will enjoy versatile suspension adjustments and statement accents, which enables motorsports fans to update the interior of their car to indulge in the real racing experience.

Even for those who aren't crazy about motorsports, these high-performance parts can make for a smoother, lighter, and more efficient driving experience. An upgraded suspension allows for more neutral driving, and each piece promises peak performance.

Are you thinking about upgrading your BMW? These performance parts merge the worlds of luxury and motorsports that move any model onto the fast lane!

If you want more information on motorsports and the newest trends in the automobile industry, please feel free to contact our friendly team with any questions - they'll be more than happy to help!


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