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As of about 8 hours ago, Volkswagen Motorsport Official announced that they are crossing the finish line of Motorsports after 55 years in the sport.

"After 55 years, we are bidding farewell to the racetracks and rally routes of this world. Before we take the chequered flag for the final time, we would like to say 'Thank you for your loyalty and your support.'" - Volkswagen Motorsport Official

Volkswagen Motorsport was responsible for advancements in the Volkswagen company. One very notable example is the Mk2 Golf Rallye from 1989. The german automaker wanted to get a piece of the cake they were sharing with their sibling, Audi. From this family feud, the golf Rallye needed to be a homologated vehicle and needed to meet the street car production quota. This rule allowed the VW Motorsport monster to be in production and available for the public market! Read more from the Golf 2 Rallye Blog here! Other notable Motorsport DNA vehicles in the VW showrooms include the Beetle, TDI Touring Cars, Scirocco, Golf R32, Touareg, MK7 GTI and latest with the MK8 GTI


Volkswagen has been in the motorsport game for some time including campaigns in V8 Supercar, FunCup, RallyCross, Endurance racing, TCR and so many more smaller projects. Some notable projects by VW Motorsport include the all electric Pikes Peak Champion, the ID.R Project. Setting a record at Pikes Peak was a milestone in VW Motorsport History has it moved to a 'Green' outlook on auto production for the future. In later years, VW took its place in TCR alongside Audi with a GTI platform for endurance style touring cup racing.






As time continues, so do trends, technology, people and even sports. The automotive culture is always changing and every car enthusiast knows it. From old gassers to stanced out cars, nothing is continuous except for passion and determination to follow something people love. Motorsports as a whole is not leaving, just adapting to the current world. Although Volkswagen is closing down shop for its Motorsports program, they are continuing to support their partners on the track of Audi, Porsche, Ducati and more. This isn't an end to something, but rather an opening to the future.

"Before the last checkered flag falls for Volkswagen Motorsport, we say: Thank you, fans!"

Download the Official Volkswagen Motorsport Collectors Poster Here! Make a screensaver or have it printed!




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