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Want to keep your car in tip-top shape? You have to treat it well. 

A well-maintained car will last you for decades. 

Here are some car care tips to ensure your engine is purring for miles to come. 

1. Avoid the Sun

Allowing the sun to beat down on your car day after day will have a wearing effect.

If at all possible, keep your car out of the sunlight by parking it in a shaded spot or under a garage. 

The UV rays from the sun will cause your paint to fade and your car will start looking older much sooner than it should. Parking your car out of the sun also keeps it cooler so you don't have to worry about the interior overheating.

As you know, there's nothing worse than going to buckle up and being burnt by a hot seatbelt.

2. Oil It Up

Your car needs oil to run properly. 

Don't delay getting an oil change. You should plan to change your oil every 3 months, or 3,000 miles. This will keep your car running efficiently and prevent it from breaking down earlier than it should. 

3. Mind the Lights

Warning lights on your car aren't mere suggestions. They are an indicator that something is not working properly.

Whether it's low windshield wiper fluid, a flat tire, or low engine battery, all the lights in your car mean something.

When you see one pop on, head to the auto repair shop right away. Delaying this could result in even worse damage than if you handled it immediately.

4. Keep It Clean

Even if you know nothing about the mechanics of a car, you are in control of its cleanliness. 

Don't allow trash and old food to sit in your car for weeks. This will add up over time and cause your car to look, smell and even feel grimier.

You want the cabin of your car to be in good shape if you ever plan to sell it. That being said, try to avoid smoking in the car as the smell can last for years, also often making it more difficult to sell to a nonsmoker.

5. Mind Your Mechanics

For many people, their car is like their baby, and you don't let just anyone take care of your baby.

Always check online reviews before going to a new mechanic. Cheaper isn't always the best option when it comes to your car.

Your car is likely one of your main assets and you want to keep it in good condition. A bad mechanic can rip you off or even worse, completely ruin your vehicle.

A quick Yelp or Google search for reviews should put your mind at ease.

Heed These Car Care Tips for Smooth Riding

These car care tips will make sure your car stays with you for the long haul.

Remember to treat it well, get it checkups often, and always check the warning lights.

Read more about taking care of your car here.


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