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After much anticipation, AccuAir is back on the scene with the release of their brand new ePlus app! The ePlus management app for air suspension allows the AccuAir suspension owners to control the ride height of their vehicle right from their smartphone, eliminating the need for any sort of secondary control source or panel.

In the past, e-Level+ products have required the external use of a handheld remote to set the height-based leveling process for your vehicle. However, this new app is powered by Bluetooth 5.0 and works in conjunction with, or independently from the AccuAir control source.

“AccuAir is continuously focused on delivering next generation air suspension control, and the launch of the ePlus app is the latest result,” said Ryan Rutledge, AccuAir Suspension director of controls. “We’re proud to be launching this app as our first re-emergence into the market since being acquired by Arnott LLC. AccuAir customers have waited some time for this app, and we’re confident that all of the features we’ve packed into it will provide the convenience and control they’re looking for.”

Key Features:

•   Real-Time Height Streaming
•   Manual Controls
•   Over-the-Air Updates
•   Valet Mode Setting
•   No Height Sensor Mode
•   Recalibration “LITE”
•   Service Routines
•   System Diagnostic
•   ECU Backlighting
•   Password Protection

One of the most useful aspects of these new features is real-time height streaming that provides the user with a live display of the percentage of suspension travel for each corner of the vehicle suspension, along with target height when the app is set to RideMonitor, according to AccuAir.

This new app can also be used to display system diagnostics for the ride height sensor installation process, which is known to be one of the most challenging parts of the install process - with live readouts of the systems voltages plus allowing for manual adjustments. During the setup process this app also indicates if calibration is complete, number of corners attached, ignition state and handbrake state.

In addition to a ton of new useful performance based features, this new app also allows you to customize the look of your AccuAir ECU display as well.

Paired with the AccuAir e-Level Plus ECU, you can set the color and brightness of your systems backlighting to perfectly match your vehicles aesthetic and style.

Email us at sales@urotuning.com to learn more about ordering your own Accuair ePlus suspension system!


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