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The fifteen52 wheels are an independently crafted company that caters to taste and durability. These designs and products have been included in the highest-selling cars of 2021.

If you're looking for an affordable method of customizing your car, fifteen52 wheels might be the way to go. This guide will give you insight into how the company grew and how it reached its iconic look.

Fifteen52 Wheels Founding

Fifteen52 wheels are considered to be classic style wheels. But, they've only been around for a short while. To know the origins of fifteen52, we have to go back to 1996. This was the original founding date for fifteen52.

They weren't actually known as fifteen52 at the time, as it was a joint venture. Who were these two people? That would be Brad Beardow and Joe Hoppen. Although Brad Beardow was not necessarily a huge name in the scene, Joe Hoppen was a pretty well-recognized name.

Joe Hoppen was the creator and founder of Joe Hoppen motorsports. He was one of the biggest names when it came to aftermarket Audi/VW tuning and Porsche motorsports. But, Joe Hoppen and Brad Beardow decided they wanted to do something different at the time.

Their company would originally be founded under two different names, VW and Audi sport. They were the only people registered for VW tuning applications. After attempting to retire, VW claimed the name could not be kept. Thus, fifteen52 was born.

Fifteen52 didn't really get into wheels until 2008. The company gained more recognition once it entered the wheel market. Their designs began to be noticed once Matt Crooke started designing their wheels.

Fifteen52 Wheel Quality

Their first signature wheel was the snowflake. The snowflake was meant for the Volkswagen MK1 wheel template. This is now evolving into a more concise model.

They now take inspiration from their racing lineage. So, their tarmac wheels look like actual tarmac-inspired rally wheels.

It's a similar situation to their Turbomac wheels and other designs. They all carry some base in their early work.

If you're looking for a cast wheel, you're probably looking for something as concave as possible. Their designs carry these qualities with more flashy designs but with depth to them.

Included in these designs are multi-colored designs that offer more stylish looks. These can be found with the multi-wheel selections. These wheels can run you anywhere between three thousand to six thousand dollars.

Traditional wheel designs will probably have a big lip plus some kind of cavity with added hardware. They can also include center caps that offer all kinds of colors. But, fifteen52 goes against the wheel trends, offering their own designs regardless of the current standard.

They offer subtle and sleek designs that stand out as minimalistic. Matt Crooke continues to promote these simpler approaches to design in this four-team company.

Performance Wheels

What other products do they make? Well, they make casts, and they also make two-piece and three-piece wheels.

They also make forged pieces, these forged products are made in America. So, their wheels can take a beating. The mechanical strength of their wheels is known as very durable.

Fifteen52 Podium

Fifteen52 offers a large selection of cast wheels from their super touring line. One notable line includes the Podium. These are clean and tasteful designs inspired by the mid-nineties motorsport era super touring series.

Certain Podiums in particular reflect the championship cars driven in the late nineties. They are a great way to enhance a normal-looking car.

They offer all ranges of design from simple to multi spoke wheels. These are similar to cars like the Dodge Stratus, the Ford Contour, and the Volkswagen. So, any fan of super touring championship cars will get a kick out of these designs.

These Podiums can apply to many cars. For example, the E36 Sedan or Ford Focus with fifteen52 podiums can easily replicate a racing car. 

Models like the Podium are engrained with a fairly deep step lip and a flat face that contours into the lug cap. The stylized ends to the spokes add a nice depth to the look.

These added features are not to widen the wheel. But, they are used to aid in brake clearance for the big brakes.

Certain wheels come with multi-patterned lugs in the center as well. This can be altered depending on the model. But, fifteen52 is known for having one of the best lug cap covers on the market.

These lug caps are a notorious throwback to champion car center-lock wheels. Even though it's fake it actually threads onto the wheel.

It also includes a fully functional forge piece. This is a great deal compared to the competitors who usually mass produce large numbers of plastic covers.

These podiums offer a fairly reasonable price point as well. They are averaging at an amount of $1,012.00. This includes a set of 4 17x7.5.

The price point tops out at under fourteen hundred dollars for a set of twenties. This is a great value for a customized domestically crafted wheel.

Fifteen52 Wheels

If you're looking for an affordable but reliable option for your car, fifteen52 is the way to go. These modifications can make a normal Ford, Volvo, or Mustang reach the aesthetic of a championship car.

The fifteen52 wheels offer a retro look for a decent price. If you're looking for a great upgrade, visit our blog for more ways to enhance your vehicle.


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