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The All New Audi RS3 LMS TCR

Take a look at the redesigned Audi RS3 LMS TCR car presented by Audi Sport. This new motorsport program car is hitting many headlines as both Audi and Volkswagen enter a new dimension of electrifying their consumer vehicles.

The new RS3 LMS car provides everyone a window into what the new RS3 street car will look like once it hits the public streets. Countless spy shots have been coming up of testing vehicles being spotted and now we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Minus the aggressive aero and attack-like rear spoiler.



To the left, we have the original RS3 LMS which debuted back in 2018 as a competitive 350HP door-to-door racer. The original RS3 LMS was a great success in the motorsports world that it had made 3,105 appearances in 1,051 races around the world. With these calculations, there were almost three RS3 LMS race cars on the grid in each race, standing on a total of 764 podium places, including 279 victories.

The all new Audi RS3 LMS boasts a few upgrades to their original design that allow the car to be one of the top choices for racers around the world. To name a few, there are two water coolers arranged horizontally one above the other to allow for better cooling during endurance races to keep the wheels on the track longer and more reliably. The RS3 has a six-speed Hewland sequential transmission fitted with a new twin-clutch that now weighs 800 grams less than the previous model, further reducing rotational masses and inertia. The newly-developed multi-disc differential’s locking effect can be adjusted by mechanics with settings available to technicians.

The new Audi RS3 LMS car is the first car to be aerodynamically engineered without the use of a wind tunnel. Audi engineers were able to create the stunning and aggressive aerodynamic styling of the car with only simulated wind tunnel and resistance algorithms.

Convince yourself that you want one yet? Well, you'll have to wait till the end of the 2021 year for this beast to hit tracks near you. Audi claims that deliveries will be possible near the end of 2021 permitting that the world health situation continues to improve and reduce any sort of production or logistical delays. For now, we will have to sit and wait for the RS3 street car to hit the streets!


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