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Unitronic JDC-Miller Audi wins Daytona! Mikey Taylor and Chris Miller take the checkered flag after a very intense and stressful series of events. The pair shared the #17 Unitronic JDC-Miller Motorsports Audi RS 3 LMS TCR car. Starting at the back of the grid due to being unable to get the car started for Thursday’s practice and qualifying sessions.


After what felt like an eternity of troubleshooting without much success, the team managed to pinpoint the issue being a problem with the ECU. They managed to source a new unit, the problem was that it was in Mexico. After jumping through some hurdles, a plan was made. Someone would personally fly the part to Orlando International Airport, and the team would have to pick it up. A two-hour round trip journey from Daytona. Taylor then realized he was going to be running two races that day.

“We were not doing the speed limit to get back here, and we just made it just in time. Miraculously, the car started because we had no idea that the parts we had would actually fix the issue. We were super lucky today and I’ve never seen anything like this in my career.”

-Mikey Taylor


Miller knew he had work to do since he was starting at the back of the grid. Miller also quickly learned he had a fast car and shot up to fourth in class, in less than a half-hour into the race. After a driver change, Taylor took the reigns and pushed the Unitronic Audi into the lead position for the first time just past the halfway point, and holding that position for most of the final 53 laps.


In a stunning finish, Taylor defended his position with a margin of 20.4 seconds over the competition. It was practically a plot straight out of a movie and we are glad we got to witness it first hand. Even with their backs against the wall, the team showed they were not willing to give up till they crossed that finish line. 


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