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UroTuning is excited to announce that Unitronic Stage 1+ E85 and Stage 2 Performance Software is available now for the 2.5TSFI enignes found in the 2017-2018 Audi RS3 and 2018 Audi TTRS! These exciting new ECU calibrations build on current offerings and are compatible with UniCONNECT+, allowing users to tune directly through the OBD-2 port right at home!

Stage 1 and Stage 1+ tunes include features like a spark-based motorsport-style rev limiter, with left foot braking enabled, allowing the driver to build boost while braking, as well as Dynamic / S-mode allowing both exhaust flaps to be alway open. The new stage 2 tune from Unitronic also incorporates new features for "street" and "drag" traction files, allowing the user to compensate for varying surfaces and tires.

The Stage 1+ E85 Performance Software is specifically calibrated for use with E60-E85 and produces up to 592 HP and 528 LB-FT of torque when paired with required upgrades including Stage 2 TCU Performance Software for the DQ500 DSG, upgraded intercooler, Intake, and 3" turbo inlet.

If you've been looking for the perfect E85 compatible software upgrade for your 2.5 TFSI Evo Vehicle, Unitronic has you covered. Stage 1+ offers superior performance and unparalleled ease of use!

Unitronic's Stage 2 Performance Software is perfect to maximize the performance from your stock turbo, and is designed for a wide range of fuel types including 91 octane, 93 octane, 104 octane, and E85 (E60-E85). Depending on the fuel used, this tune can yield 510-621 HP and 490-564 LB-FT of torque!

To maximize performance from this tune, be sure to install Unitronic's stage 2 upgrades including turbo inlet, intercooler, downpipe, and new MPI Injector upgrade kit. When utilizing the proper hardware this tune can offer +183 HP / +177 LB-FT over stock engine output.

UroTuning is also excited to announce Unitronic's MPI Upgrade Kit for 2.5 TFSI Evo Vehicles, which allows users to run E60-E85 (60% ethanol to 85% ethanol) with ease! Unitronic understands that blending ethanol and gasoline can be a tricky and time-consuming process, and using full E85 fuel with factory injectors can put very high stress and demand on the factory units.

Fuel injector failure is known to cause significant engine damage, and Unitronic's MPI Upgrade Kit is here to help prevent this all too common issue. Stage 2 ECU calibrations are available for use with Unitronic’s MPI Injector Upgrade Kit, to allow users to easily transition between different fuels.

Unitronic's MPI Upgrade kit features all genuine Bosch manifold port fuel injectors as well as all necessary wiring harness adapter for easy plug and play installation!



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