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In any category, there is always the one that stands out, the overachiever, the one that is so far ahead of the competition that they need only focus on reaching the next milestone they set for themselves. When it comes to suspension, Ohlins is that company.

For over 40 years, passion for motorsport and relentless testing has driven technology forward in Ohlins constant search for the next generation of advanced suspension solutions. Ohlins is not in the business of competing with other suspension companies, Ohlins is in the business of pushing the boundaries of what automotive suspension is capable of.

Ohlins as a brand strives to be able to provide the same high quality products, service, and customer interaction to everyone who chooses Ohlins suspension. Whether it be your weekend track car build, your daily driver, or a car meant to win championships, Ohlins has your back, and aims for one simple goal; to make the best suspension available for any type of vehicle!



Ohlins world famous road and track coilovers strike the perfect balance between track ready adjustable coilovers, and a suspension that you can use comfortably every day commuting to work, school, or whatever you may have going on!

Road and Track coilovers by Ohlins will take your handling feel and cornering ability to the next level with quicker response times, improved bump absorption and a massive amount of grip to increase both performance and safety while pushing your car to the limit.


Dual Flow Valve Technology, or DFV, truly set Ohlins suspension products apart, by utilizing a system that allows the dampening fluid to have a consistent path of flow in both directions.

This results in suspension that allows the wheel and tire to move up and down more quickly than typical coilover options, yielding a smoother ride and better grip.

The DFV coilover feature plays a vital role in Ohlins superior balance between everyday comfort and ultimate performance.



With new vehicles models constantly incorporating more and more technolgy in them from the factory, sometimes adding aftermarket parts and performance upgrades can leave your dashboard filled with warnings and error codes. Ohlins planned for this common issue and introduced their vehicle specific cancellation kits. These kits are made specifically to work with your vehicle and cancel out any error messages or codes being tripped by your upgraded Ohlins suspension!


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