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1.8T PowerGasket Plus 99.5-up

GAS.005 1.8T PowerGasket Plus | 99.5-up




Product Info

NewSouth Performance has designed an insulating gasket that radically reduces the heat transfer from the cylinder head to the intake manifold.

PowerGasket Plus gives you up to 5% more power from your engine by reducing the temperature of the incoming air to your engine. This gives you cooler, denser air for more horsepower and performance from your engine.

The PowerGasket Plus is made from a purpose-built high performance composite material. It conducts on average less than 1/500th of the heat of the steel gasket that it replaces. Your intake manifold will stay 30-50 F cooler and your incoming air will stay 20-30 F cooler.

Cooler air, denser air, means more oxygen. Your engine sensors register these changes and will inject more fuel to give you more power. Cooler air also reduces detonation, so you can turn up the boost or advance your engine timing for even more performance gains.

PowerGasket Plus has been designed for affordability, easy installation and minimal or no disruption to your manifold attachment and engine accessories.

You just simply swap your old intake manifold gasket for a PowerGasket. No buying longer bolts or installing multiple gaskets.

In just an hour or two, you will be enjoying a more powerful, better performing ride.

NOTE: Will not fit early 1.8T engines with AEB AGU AFY engine codes