Since 1975, Neuspeed has designed, engineered, and manufactured automotive parts held to the highest standards of quality, performance, reliability, and safety. Neuspeed holds an impressive history of setting new industry standards for design, innovation, materials, fit, finish and attention to detail. Innovate your ride with Neuspeed.

Neuspeed Intakes & Piping

Neuspeed offers a variety of performance air intakes as well as all of the piping to go with it! Neuspeed prides themselves on developing intakes that work with your vehicle's factory MAF, increasing airflow and power without compromising OEM fuel trims.

Neuspeed Intercoolers

Looking to upgrade your car's intercooler but don't want to deal with cutting and welding pipes to fit properly? Neuspeed has you covered with vehicle specific intercooler kits that require zero cutting or trimming of your vehicles metal bumper structure!

Neuspeed Power Modules

Neuspeed's power modules allow you to enhance the performance of your vehicle without reducing the integrity and reliability of your your engine, clutch, or driveline! Neuspeed Power Modules provide the simplest and most effective alternative to chip tuning.

Neuspeed Springs

Neuspeed's spring upgrade kits are made in Germany by ISO 9002 certified spring-winding specialists. Get rid of unwanted body roll during hard cornering and say goodbye to front-end nose dives caused by heavy braking!

Neuspeed Sway Bars

Neuspeed offers the ultimate smoothness and handling upgrade via their various front and rear sway bar options. Made from aerospace quality steel, featuring smooth mandrel bends, machined ends, with high quality urethane bushings and end-links. Neuspeed sway bars greatly reduce body-roll while maintaining ride quality.

Neuspeed Wheels

Neuspeed is also known for their extensive catalog of performance wheel options. From the simplistic and clean design of the RSe52 to the performance oriented styling of the brand new Rse11r, Neuspeed is sure to have a set of wheels that are exactly what you're looking for!

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