Solo Werks Suspension Systems is a suspension company born from over 10 years of industry experience. Rather than focusing on corporate growth Solo Werks prides themselves on creating great suspension products while keeping their heart in the industry. Solo Werks is dedicated to keeping the true spirit and passion of the automotive industry alive by creating amazing products for enthusiasts around the globe.


Solo Werks builds coilovers for various Volkswagen models! Whether your car is a VW classic or a brand new model, Solo Werks is sure to have the coilovers that are perfect for your car. Solo Werks VW coilovers feature gold galvanized housings, elastomer bumpstops, double lock ring perches, and platform specific spring rates with matched valving.


Solo Werks also manufactures coilover kits for various Audi models including A3, A4, A5, A6 and TT. Audi coilover kits feature gold zinc plating for premium corrosion resistance, anodized double lock ring spring perches, and feature up to 2.5" of drop!


Solo Werks also offers coilover kits and replacement suspension parts for various BMW's including the 1-5 series models, covering most E and F series cars. Solo Werks coilover kits for BMw's are gold zinc plated for corrosion resistance and get you up to 2.5" of drop!

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