Solo Werks Coilovers

Solo Werks Suspension Systems is a suspension company born from over 10 years of industry experience. Rather than focusing on corporate growth Solo Werks prides themselves on creating great suspension coilovers while keeping their heart in the industry.


Solo Werks builds coilovers for various Volkswagen models! Whether your car is a VW classic or a brand new model, Solo Werks is sure to have the coilovers that are perfect for your car. Solo Werks VW coilovers feature gold galvanized housings, elastomer bumpstops, double lock ring perches, and platform specific spring rates with matched valving.


Solo Werks also manufactures coilover kits for various Audi models including A3, A4, A5, A6 and TT. Audi coilover kits feature gold zinc plating for premium corrosion resistance, anodized double lock ring spring perches, and feature up to 2.5" of drop!


Solo Werks also offers coilover kits and replacement suspension parts for various BMW's including the 1-5 series models, covering most E and F series cars. Solo Werks coilover kits for BMw's are gold zinc plated for corrosion resistance and get you up to 2.5" of drop!

Solo Werks: Coilovers & Suspension Components

If you're ready to upgrade your suspension system with the best of the best, Solo Werks and UroTuning have you covered. For over two decades, Solo Werks suspension components have been the gold standard for VW, Audi and BMW enthusiasts craving sharper handling, top-tier aesthetics and smoother overall performance on the road.

At the heart of Solo Werk's product line are their coilovers, engineered to push far beyond stock limits. Whether carving corners on the back roads or cruising the city streets, Solo Werks suspension parts ensure your vehicle performs at its peak and looks its best. UroTuning is proud to offer our customers the full line of Solo Werks products to take their driving dynamics and aesthetics to the next level. Don't settle for stock performance and style.



Benefits of Solo Werks Coilovers

What can Solo Werks coilovers do for your ride? We're glad you asked. These suspension mods are a true game changer for enthusiasts. Check out some of their performance and style benefits:

  • Enhanced Handling and Stability: Drivers get huge gains in their improvement in handling. This mod is essential for increased cornering stability, allowing for a more responsive and controlled driving experience.
  • Customizable Ride Height: Whether it's for a Volkswagen, Audi or BMW, Solo Werks coilovers provide the perfect platform for customization. Whether aiming for a sportier, lower stance or a slightly raised profile for better ground clearance, making the adjustments you want is simple.
  • Improved Aesthetics: European cars are admired for their sleek and stylish designs, and Solo Werks enhances this with coilovers that offer a more aggressive stance.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Solo Werks coilovers have zinc-plated shocks designed to withstand harsh environments. This superior design ensures durability and consistent performance over time, making them ideal for a variety of climates.

By opting for Solo Werks coilovers, you're not just adding another mod to your vehicle; you're redefining its performance, durability and aesthetic appeal. When you want a driving experience that's as unique as you are, Solo Werks can make it happen.

5 Mods to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

We get it – figuring out which Audi performance parts will take your ride to the next level can be overwhelming. But don't worry. We've got your back. The pros at UroTuning have put together a short video to help guide you through the process. Our team has handpicked the top mods that we think will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Of course, it's just our opinion, but we're pretty confident in our choices.

Frequently Asked Questions: SOLO WERKS COILOVERS

If you have any questions or need more information about Solo Werks aftermarket parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Are Solo Werks Coilovers Difficult to Install?

Installation complexity can vary based on the vehicle and the user's mechanical skills. However, Solo Werks coilovers are designed for relative ease of installation. It's recommended to follow the installation guide or seek professional help if you're not confident in DIY projects.

What Vehicles Are Compatible With Solo Werks Suspension Parts?

Solo Werks suspension parts are designed for a wide range of European vehicles, including popular brands like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and more. Check your specific model compatibility using the vehicle selector tool at the top of the page.

Are Solo Werks Coilovers Good for Daily Drivers?

Absolutely! Solo Werks coilovers are designed to enhance the driving experience without sacrificing comfort, making them suitable for daily driving and performance applications.


Take the Leap into Superior Suspension With Solo Werks

It's not just about lowering your car; it's about elevating the drive. Solo Werks coilovers and suspension components offer the perfect blend of performance, stability and style for your ride. Maximize your thrill with precision-engineered suspension components designed for those who crave more than what stock can offer. Don't wait to experience the difference – shop UroTuning now and unlock the potential of your European car with Solo Werks. Your journey towards better drives starts here.




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