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Owning a car is a lot of fun, whether improving it, modding it, or just making the car unique to you.

If you're looking to mod a car, the VW Mk5 GTI is a classic choice. It's an affordable vehicle with a solid stock build, which means you can spend less on the car and more on the sick modifications.

If you're looking to mod a car to fit your style and personality, look no further. Read on for our guide to the best Mk5 GTI mods you can get.


Not to be confused with wheels (more on those later), tires are where the rubber meets the road. Tires are one of the simplest ways to boost your GTI's performance but are often one of the most overlooked as well, simply because they don't have a "flashy" look.

Adding a good set of tires will increase traction, which in turn boosts performance and compliments other modifications such as weight reduction and engine power. Track tires like Toyo R888 and Michelin Pilot Super Sports will help with your handling and grip as well.


Wheels are what those tires go around, and are largely seen as a cosmetic upgrade. Wheels are the reason that people often forget to upgrade their tires.

While it's true that cool brands like Heritage Wheels can vastly improve the look of your GTI, wheels can also improve your performance by decreasing weight. 

Getting quality wheels will decrease your unsprung weight, which translates to better handling and increased power. The right wheels can also allow better cooling for your brakes.

Cold Air Intake

Once you have your tires and wheels taken care of, you're going to want to start modding the engine of your GTI. The first place you want to start is by adding a cold air intake. 

A cold air intake increases both the diameter and the flow of the piping to the intake systems of the engine. This can add over 10 horsepower to your engine, as well as increase the torque. 

Not only does a cold air intake increase the power and performance of your car, but it can also make it sound better! This is another modification that shouldn't be overlooked.

External mk5 GTI Mods

Let's be honest, when you mod a car, half of the time you're more concerned with making it look cool than increasing the performance. Luckily for you, there are a few modifications you can make that will do both. 

The mk5 rides pretty high with its standard suspension, and while it doesn't look bad, the car definitely shines when it's lower to the ground. Lowering your suspension also greatly improves the handling of the car.

Modding your GTI with a body kit is the most noticeable change you can make visually, but if it's done right, it can still improve performance too. Using ABS and polyurethane body kits can make the car lighter and more aerodynamic. 

These are just a few of the mk5 GTI mods you can make to your car. Keep reading for more tips, limited edition products, and everything else you could need for your GTI or any other car you might be driving!


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