Founded in 2003, Apikol is a leading manufacturer of custom engineered performance enhancing automotive parts. Apikol products are designed for consumers who advance and customize their own vehicles, as well as full-service shops that provide a complete spectrum of maintenance and performance services. Apikol offers a product line consisting of only the best quality components at competitive prices.

Utilizing computer drafting, flow analysis, structural models and rapid prototyping techniques, Apikol products offer the most advanced solutions on the market today. Apikol thoroughly engineers and tests products with consumer safety and satisfaction in mind. This process results in an offering of products that perform seamlessly and involve straightforward installation methods.


Apikol designs and manufactures a wide range of differential and transmission bushings for your Audi. Design to reduce drivetrain movment, these performance mounts will ensure that your transmission or differential is not moving under acceleration, providing a much better overall driving experience.

New performance mounts from Apikol help to alleviate drivetrain movement (clunks) when shifting and transitioning on and off the throttle. Eliminating drivetrain movement restores your vehicles crisp, tight feel.


Apikol Rear Diff Crossmember and subframe Bushings stabilize and reduce drivetrain movement to give the driver crisp feedback when accelerating and shifting. These bushings can be used with Apikol's existing rear diff mount for the ultimate in drivetrain control and response. These bushings replace the often worn-out, soft rubber, factory bushings with a high-quality polyurethane.


Apikol is proud to release their High Volume Intake Manifold. Featuring a plenum volume of over 115% larger compared to a stock manifold for improved throttle response, more mid-range torque and top end horsepower.

The Apikol Manifold is built using large port AEB intake runners unless small port runners are requested. New Phenix Racing injector seats are installed and the manifold is pressure tested to ensure performance and safety. Built with a V6/VR6 throttle body flange (Stock throttle body adapter flanges are also available), and 70mm Flanges are available upon request.


Apikol's side mount intercooler kit utilizes high quality bar and plate cores, custom CNC bent sheet metal end tanks and precision TIG welds. If OEM intercoolers or other aftermarket alternatives are too small for your K04 Stage 3 or big turbo S4, look no further.

Apikol side mount intercoolers increase horsepower and torque for enhanced performance with 100% drop-in reversible installation that utilizes factory mounting and plumbing elements. The large volume core enhances airflow reducing heat soak conditions and increasing torque. Over 40% more overall core volume than the stock intercooler and an overall performance gain of up to: 13+ hp and 25+ ft-lbs of torque!

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