Weaponize your vehicle with ARMYTRIX. ARMYTRIX's philosophy is arming your car with the most advanced exhaust technology possible, challenging anything and everything you thought you knew about performance!

Aiming to build exhaust systems with the mosyt power, superior tone, and ultimate versatility, ARMYTRIX valvetronic systems are leagues above the competition. ARMYTRIX products are vehicle specific and handcrafted to ensure the perfect fit every time.


ARMYTRIX exhausts create an unrestricted pathway, helping to liberate exhaust flow, unlocking performance and giving your car the sound it was meant to have. Valvetronic functionality takes the exhaust to an entirely new level, allowing the driver to easily match the exhaust sound output to your personal taste, driving style, and situation.

The ARMYTRIX OBDII dongle system reduces installation time by 50%, making it even easier to install and enjoy your new cat-back system. With ARMYTRIX valvetronic technology, you can use your smartphone to actively change and monitor your exhaust functions!


Paired with an ARMYTRIX cat-back exhaust, these downpipes make for the ultimate exhaust system in your vehicle. Just a few added benefits from these race downpipes are increased power, better flow, reduced weight, and improved sound!

These precision crafted downpipes deliver a substantial increase in power, especially in low and mid RPM range. The sound improvement offers a deep, resonant, and sporty sound while also neutralizing irritating frequencies in critical RPM ranges.

ARMYTRIX: Redefining Performance with Precision EngineeringinG

If you're ready to elevate your vehicle's performance and sound, look to ARMYTRIX exhausts at UroTuning. Renowned for its cutting-edge design and exceptional quality, ARMYTRIX specializes in crafting high-performance exhaust systems that transform your driving experience. At the heart of ARMYTRIX's philosophy is a commitment to enhancing your vehicle's performance and sound. By choosing ARMYTRIX, you're opting for an exhaust system that offers a harmonious blend of aggressive sound profiles and optimal performance enhancements.

At UroTuning, we're proud to offer a wide range of ARMYTRIX products, catering to various European car models. Our collection of ARMYTRIX exhausts, downpipes and catbacks is curated to enhance your vehicle's performance, sound and overall driving experience. Browse our entire selection today.



Exploring the ARMYTRIX Exhaust Lineup

At the core of ARMYTRIX's product lineup are their exhausts, catbacks and downpipes, each designed to meet the specific needs of car enthusiasts. Let's examine how these components can transform your vehicle's performance and your overall drive.


      ARMYTRIX Exhausts: The hallmark of ARMYTRIX's innovation is their exhaust systems, engineered to elevate your vehicle's performance. By optimizing exhaust flow, these exhausts significantly enhance horsepower and torque, providing a noticeable improvement in acceleration and response. Beyond performance, ARMYTRIX exhausts offer a distinct, robust sound, giving your vehicle a more aggressive and commanding presence.

      ARMYTRIX Catbacks: These systems are tailored for those prioritizing sound and efficiency. ARMYTRIX catbacks are designed to reduce back pressure, allowing for a smoother exhaust flow. This improves performance and creates a deeper, resonant exhaust note that will turn heads. Using lightweight materials in their construction also contributes to overall vehicle weight reduction, further enhancing performance.

      ARMYTRIX Downpipes: For enthusiasts seeking maximum performance gains, ARMYTRIX downpipes are a perfect choice. They play a crucial role in exhaust tuning, offering significant increases in power and torque. By improving the flow of exhaust gases away from the engine, these downpipes reduce turbo lag and enhance throttle response. This results in a more exhilarating driving experience, particularly noticeable in turbocharged European models.



Whether you're looking to boost your vehicle's power, refine its sound or simply enjoy a more engaging drive, ARMYTRIX's lineup of exhausts, catbacks and downpipes offer the perfect blend of performance and sophistication for any European car enthusiast. At UroTuning, we provide these top-tier ARMYTRIX components to help you unlock the full potential of your vehicle.

See ARMYTRIX In Action

If you haven't heard an ARMYTRIX exhaust yet, you don't know what you're missing. Check out the raw power and sound ARMYTRIX exhausts carry on one of our favorite rides – the Audi R8.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions or need more information about Audi aftermarket parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Makes ARMYTRIX Exhausts Unique Compared to Other Brands?

ARMYTRIX exhausts stand out due to their innovative Valvetronic technology, which allows drivers to adjust the exhaust valve positions. This feature enables a customizable balance between performance and sound, offering a dynamic driving experience. Additionally, ARMYTRIX's use of high-quality materials like titanium and stainless steel ensures durability and performance enhancements.

Are ARMYTRIX Catbacks and Downpipes Compatible With All European Car Models?

ARMYTRIX designs catbacks and downpipes for many European car models, but compatibility varies. It's important to check the specific compatibility with your vehicle model. UroTuning can assist in identifying the right ARMYTRIX products for your car.

How Do ARMYTRIX Downpipes Affect My Car's Sound?

ARMYTRIX downpipes can significantly enhance your car's exhaust sound. Improving exhaust flow contributes to a clearer, more aggressive exhaust note. This is especially noticeable in turbocharged vehicles, where downpipes are vital in exhaust tuning.

Take Your Ride to the Next Level With ARMYTRIX

Elevate your vehicle's performance, sound and style with ARMYTRIX's state-of-the-art exhaust systems, available now at UroTuning. Our curated selection of ARMYTRIX products, from roaring exhausts and efficient catbacks to high-performance downpipes, is designed to cater to your European car's needs. Experience the unmatched blend of quality and innovation that ARMYTRIX exhausts offer. Transform your drive with enhanced power, a captivating exhaust note and a sleek, aggressive look. Don't just drive, make a statement. Shop ARMYTRIX at UroTuning today.




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