Originally used to describe the front line of an advancing army, the term avant-garde is now applied to any group that progressively pushes the boundaries of innovation and creativity.

With this core philosophy, Avant Garde Wheels strives to innovate beyond what is accepted as the status-quo in the wheel industry, manufacturing superior quality wheels with performance-driven engineering in mind. Avant Garde engineers wheels to ensure proper fitment from the very beginning, with a passion not only for the importance of the quality of the wheels, but how they are going to look on your vehicle as well.


The M540 exemplifies everything we've come to love and expect from an Avant Garde wheel! With a complex yet refined radial mesh-style design, the M540 will turn heads and accentuate any car that is lucky enough to ride on these wheels! Featuring a design with a solid center and a more open outer edge, the M540 allows big brake kits to peak through, while also differentiating itself from other more standard-issue mesh style patterns!

Available in 18" 19" and 20" in silver and dark brushed gun-metal.



The M510 incorporates a clean and classic split 5-spoke pattern in its design, emphasizing a luxury aesthetic that also pulls design cues from the motorsport and OEM+ realm. With an open face, and inner lip, the M510 is another wheel that is perfect for showcasing your big brake kit! Being a bespoke design, the M510 can be configured in a variety of finishing options, bolt patterns, offsets, and any color you can think of!

Available in 19" 20" and 21"



Avant Garde has always been known for having the ultimate in forged wheel technology. This technology is now being used to help produce a classic multi spoke wheel, the M359. Made with superior materials and strength tested to last in even the most extreme driving environments, the M359 looks as great as it performs! The engineers and designers of Avant Garde scrutinized and perfected the M359 to give you increased strength and lightness in a stylish package.

Available in 18" 19" and 20" in black and silver.


The M230 takes the look of a classic 3-peice "fat-five" wheel and and adds an Avant Garde twist with round holes in each spoke, giving this design a bit of retro flair! If you want a wheel that is stands out from the norm, then the M230 is the wheel for you, ready to add Avant Garde style to any vehicle!

Available in 18" in silver.



The M240 is another 3-piece style wheel, this time with a more traditional five spoke design. The Avant Garde M240 comes in a blank setup which allows us to customize it to fit almost any car. It also allows the opportunity to make an extremely low and fitment-focused setup! If you're looking for an awesome homage to classic 5-spoke 3-piece wheel designs, the M240 is a perfect option for you!

Available in 17" and 18" in silver.


Building on the 3-piece homage design, the M220 from Avant Garde offers a mesh style addition to the lineup. This radial mesh design features a closed center and open outer-face with a polished lip, making for a wheel that is both classic and flashy!

Available in 18" and 19" in silver and black.

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